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So far we have raised over £100,000 for our chosen charities and we were delighted to present cheques to the value of £60,000 to Teenage Cancer Trust and £40,000 to The Hospice of St Francis in 2012.


The two charities we supported in 2012 are really grateful for monies received. Here are some examples of the costs incurred by both:




Teenage Cancer Trust




Examples of typical expenses incurred:


£10 could buy books or a DVD to break the boredom. 


£100 could buy a microwave to ensure cancer patients can have a hot meal whenever they need it.


£1,000 could put a pool table in a ward social area, so people have an area to chat, relax and meet others in the same situation.


For a more detailed breakdown please see here


To learn more about the amazing work of Teenage Cancer Trust please click here




The Hospice of

          St Francis         





The Hospice of St Francis is a charity that provides professional support and care for people with terminal illness. They bring peace, comfort and dignity to people and help them live life to the full, for whatever time is left.


It costs over £10,000 per day for the Hospice to provide essential services to its patients and families. Only 20% of this is provided by the NHS so the rest has to come from donations.


Please follow the link here to find out more about the wonderful work of The Hospice of St Francis


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