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Day 9 - Marathon 9 - 31st March 2013

31-March-2013 20:32
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Day 9 31st March 2013 Vincent Southport to The Alderhay Hospital Liverpool

Lost Hour! Up at 5:30 got an email saying I had an alarm call at 6:00 relieved I went back to sleep, no alarm call up late at 6:30! No one outstanding problem and feeling ok. Good nights sleep after a lovely hot bath in a sit only deep type of bath which is a first. Slow stretch and down to gym. Could not get in the gym so ran up and down the stairs of the 6 floors. Worked well, back to the room for my Joel warm up work out. Looks like we have lost Jessica! Must have left it at one of our stops! My second roller is knobbly, good but a much deeper massage so need to go easy. All good, hot shower and down to breakfast. Great restaurant with tea pots for lights and great views over the adjoining square and lovely period buildings. Beautiful morning, strangely or maybe not, I am looking forward to a run along the sea front to Liverpool today, all flat hopefully. Still struggling to eat! A bit of porridge and honey, two toast, 3 small slices of fruit and half a mini pastry was all I could manage. I do not think I am losing weight yet but will do if I can't start eating properly! Back to the room, normal routine complete, packed up and down to reception. All good, Jan and family arrived to take better photos than we had managed and to see us on our way! Thanks to the VINCENT hotel for so very kindly putting us up for the night, very chic, great food and friendly staff, a great place. A bit longer than normal send off, video and photos and off we went just before 10:30 heading north to the Marina, quick tour then down the coast road south towards Liverpool. Thankfully the run was very flat but my legs still gave up at just over half way. The odd pain here and there but the main problem was leg fatigue and tightening. Very pleasant route all the way to Liverpool then a bit industrial but still ok. I completed the 42.2k in 3'28"39 Just before Alderhay not feeling great but over the moon to get the 9th marathon in 9 days complete. Dad and Karen had a trouble free day, which was good. Jan, Simon and the boys were at the hospital to greet us along with Sian from Teenage Cancer Trust. All good, photos taken and quick video complete. A mod on a Lambretta came round the corner followed by about 50 more! I kept my eye out for the rockers and the onset of the traditional Easter confrontation! I then remembered it was 2013 not 1978! Turns out they came from all over the North West followed by a car full of easter eggs and a bundle of cash to donate to the Childrens Hospital! We ended up having a good chat, a few photos and received a donation and whip round of about £100! Right nice bunch and charitable too. We thought Jan at one point was going to leave her family and get on the back of a scooter and disappear into the past! Moment over, Jan and the family left to do a tour of Anfield, Dad Karen and me went with Sian for a quick cup of tea in the hospital then said our goodbye's and left to find tonight's accommodation at the Marriott by Liverpool Station. Jason is back tonight and will stay until tomorrow night to help get us through Liverpool, across the Mersey and to our next destination, the Claterbridge Hospital in the Wirral. Now in the room, that overlooks the Liver building, sleeping and icing, Dad, Karen and Jason down in the restaurant having dinner and bringing me something up after. Thanks to one of our oldest clients, Bugler Developments for sponsoring today's shirt, very appreciated. Well, feeling pooped, looked too far ahead today and got a bit worried so shortening my focus to one day at a time. PLEASE DONATE if you can, every penny counts.

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