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Thursday 22nd Dec

30-December-2011 17:07
in General
by Admin

 Cliff invited me to join him and one of his clients, Edward Senior at Berko Castle. We set off at 7am to run the course of the Berko Half Marathon. Started too quick for me and I struggled to keep pace with them for the first couple of miles. Found my rhythm up Bull Beggars Lane and we ran at a good pace, (for me)! Felt very strong and got stronger through Ashridge. 1hr 41 mins and 16 seconds, not a bad time and very enjoyable to run with other people, no offence meant to Cliff! Edward has been training with Cliff to run half marathons and I understand has now completed 5 races this year and improved greatly. Anyway drank only 1/4 of my bottle of water and did not feel thirsty! Trying to work out what's best to drink when running and how much to drink?

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