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Friday 16th Dec

30-December-2011 16:45
in General
by Admin

 Day off all training, I went to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the UCH Euston with my daughters India & Jemima.  We met Alice Watts from TCT and the fantastic team on the unit.  We also met some of the patients.  People ask me all the time how can I manage to think about battling through 100 days of continuous marathons.  My reply has been that I have been focused on training and will get through on grit and determination.  I realise my efforts and pain are insignificant when in comparison to those required by patients and their family, and the strength needed by the hospital staff and all at TCT. I am lucky to be able to even try and complete my challenge. Please donate as much as possible.

Registered Charity No. 1144338

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