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Thursday 15th Dec

30-December-2011 16:33
in General
by Admin

 Met at Cliffs at 12:30, Sarah dropped us in Wendover to start a recky run of Cliffs next race.  Wendover to Little Venice - 45 miles!  We set off on the Ridgeway out the back of Wendover Woods through lots of farm land and muddy tracks, very draining on calf's. We ran through some amazing countryside, The Leys is a lovely hamlet with 3 pubs and Pednor has fantastic houses.  Nice views aside I felt very jaded by the time we ran through Chesham Park.  Nice bit of tarmac through Chesham and towards Latimer, Cliff did not like that bit!  Soon back in the mud, fields and tracks to Latimer. We left the race course at the other side of Latimer and headed towards Sarratt Bottom, again great countryside through the Chess Valley but very heavy going. We ran up to Sarratt and round behind Flaunden and into Bovingdon, dark by now and headlights on. Ran up past the prison, down to Bourne End, followed through the farms and up to the underpass and down to the south of Hall PArk. Last section on nice flat even tarmac through Berko High Street and finished at Costa Coffee! Medium Cappo and mince tart, felt great until we had to run the last mile to Cliffs house.  25 very tough miles 4hrs and 36 mins.  Good training, drank water through run and had a Jordans bar at 18 miles.  Still feel sick when I eat during a run but managed to keep it down.

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