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Day 34 - Training Blog 27th January 2013

30-January-2013 14:48
in General
by Admin


Up at 7am, took Matt to Lagos train station at 8am for the start of his journey back to New York via Lisbon and Geneva! Back home, quick cup of tea and a bit of toast and Jam, only an hour until today's run with Joaquim, so too late for a big breakfast. Into Burgau, quick warm up and we set off at a steady pace west along the coast road to Boco da Rio. Fan...tastic views of the cliffs, sea and countryside and we bobbed along at a very nice conversation pace. 5k later we were at the start, a long flat road! Feeling the affects of the lack of breakfast a bit and sweating a lot we, started the 1k sprints! Joaquim never says how many we are doing before we start, I am sure it is gauged on how he feels or how I am doing! Anyway first kilometre complete in a steady 3"30. Felt a bit dicky during the 2 minute recovery jog which was a bit unfortunate as two runners approached us and asked if I was me! I said I was whilst trying to keep down the little breakfast, he then introduced himself and informed me he followed me through the 100 and is a friend on facebook. I managed to not throw up, had a quick chat then set off for the 2nd run. A decent 3"25 and again a bit dicky during the jog. Another four complete all under 3"25 very pleased and Joaquim says the next one is the last one! All good I stepped up the pace a bit with a 3"19, feeling pooped but very pleased to have worked hard and finished. At this point Joaquim informs me he always does 7 runs! A steady last run in 3"30 complete and fortunately confirmed as the last one. Jog back to the start, water belt on and off at a steady pace back towards Burgau. It got a bit tougher up the hills I had not noticed we came down on the way out! A very good speed training session complete with a total of 21.14k covered in 1'52"10. Quick warm down and off to see my old PE teacher Andy Robinson at Burgau Sports Centre for a shower, a great coffee, a ham and cheese toasty and a catch up with him Judy, his wife and his son Dan, all good.

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