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Monday 30th January (Cont.)

30-January-2012 20:58
in General
by Admin

After a nice coffee in the main square sitting in the sun, we got up and I struggled to walk back to the van! Foot the main problem. Did not take long to find the camp site, this time we asked to look at the accommodation. Spot on and half the price! Vale paraiso camping just north of Nazare, chalet very clean, dry and full of hot water! We just had two of the workers at the site approach the van, they commented on our logo, they spoke perfect English and wished me well. They commented how good the van looked so thanks Daryl (Phil's brother) for the Logo, everyone we meet comments on how good it is, Phil, fussy to obsession that he was, would approve I am sure. Just got a facebook thing from Holly, Phils daughter, telling me it was her birthday yesterday, big girl now! Your present will have to wait until I return I am afraid , Happy Birthday.

Had a great shower followed by dinner of Big Chicken and Dumpling stew with rice and more potatoes! Very nice. Bathed foot again, hoping pain reduced by tomorrow and I do not have another night like last night. Now stretching and will then ice again!

Forgot to say earlier, I had a dog follow me for about 2 miles, a scruffy little bitsa!

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