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Day 6 - Marathon 6 - 28th March 2013

29-March-2013 8:29
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Day 6 28th March 2013 Rags Bridlington to Castle Hill Hospital Hull

An unsettled night, bed lovely, room perfect temperature but body sore! I could not get comfortable or stay comfortable, everytime I moved I woke! Up at 6am, warm up in room, set sat nav for today's route, quite straight forward using A roads, Dad happy. Great breakfast, porridge, toast and jam, omelette and a bacon sandwich! Also 2 cups of tea. Thanked everyone again, kit on, packed van and left just after 10:30. We drove less than a mile to the start point by the Bridlington Car Boot. Normal routine then I was off at 10:40. I felt sick within the first mile and fought hard to keep it down. If I did not need it I would have done the biz and cracked on! 10k passed in 46 minutes without me thinking about the running! I started to feel better as I got to the 15k mark just as my leg pains started to bite. Fortunately the route was very flat with just a slight incline over the last few miles. Dad was faultless, the sun came out for about a minute, the wind was behind me, my energy levels were fine and I kept my food down all good, but my legs were on autopilot for the last 3rd of the run, all bad! As I approached the last mile I was joined by Julie Watson from Teenage Cancer Trust and Richard Broad, the boyfriend of Phoebe Drinkwater a patient. Great to have company for normally the worst point of the run as far as pain is concerned. A good run in and finish, with dad following close behind, at the entrance of the Hospital cheered home by a small crowd and a local newspaper, which was nice. 42.2k complete in a tough 3'20"40 Quick conversation with the paper and a few photos taken by all then inside for a lovely cup of tea, a spread of cakes and chat with everyone. Met a lovely lady called Ann, who's 19 year old son was diagnosed in January with Leukaemia. Still coming to terms with the situation but very appreciative of Teenage Cancer Trust, I met her son had a quick chat about football and was put in my place when I asked what team he supported, Hull of course! All good, I then was asked to draw the easter raffle! All done, hundreds of tickets in the box and 2 of the five winners were standing with me, very suspicious! We then had a quick tour of the facility, again it is amazing and the patients so positive. Back to the very nice reception and a final chat with Julie Watson. Julie has been working with cancer patients since she was only 21 and has an abundance of positivity that I felt and no doubt all her patients do too. Not that Julie is old now of course! Thank you for the great reception. Dad and I left with a blueberry muffin each, into the van and off to York to find our accommodation. My right leg and knee not great so dad drove while I fell asleep in the back. Now checked into The Royal York Hotel, I am back to the Ice for the next hour while dad is going for a walk then down to dinner at 8:30. I received a card in the room from the Hotel, wishing me luck for the rest of my marathons, thank you. Also thanks to Haslers Accountants for today's shirt sponsorship, I hope John O'Shea from Haslers will be joining me for at least a half and Lawrence Shafier for about 6 miles, due to him recovering from a major hip operation! Day 6 complete only 24 to go!

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