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Sunday 29th January MARATHON 16

29-January-2012 20:59
in General
by Admin

 Neptune Hotel/Motel in Consolacao was spot on, room good but struggled with food. It is much better to be able to cook and have worse accommodation, so tonight should be ok! Just got booked in to a campsite staying in a luxury mobile home, water brown and luke warm, everything is damp but we do have a cooker! Dad is cooking now, beans, rice, potatoes, 1 tomato and a tin of tuna!

Back to today, woke at 5:45 so we can get packed up and away early. Both in the same room but no snore report, fell asleep straight away, so tired. Radio5live did not call as promised at 6:50 so cracked on. Following an evening of icing, my thigh felt good and more flexible. However left foot was not good blisters very sore and I think a bit infected! I have applied antiseptic spray, cream and wipes and worn new socks after each treatment but glands up in my groin swollen and blisters a bit angry! Foot now in a bowl with antiseptic liquid!

Anyway, back to this morning, just about to start at 7:50 and got the call from R5live, did quick interview, hope went well and good to make more people aware so we can raise more money! Dad did usual photo and video, 2 takes, Getting better! And off I went starting very slowly and in a lot of pain with blisters! Weather, clear sky's, sun coming up but very cold! route planned and team talk done, no mistakes today!
At 1st junction dad went right, route was left! Only error all day and dad enjoyed the journey, the sun, the scenery and the sweet egg custard tarts in a few cafe's along the way! Went to Peniche on the peninsula then headed north towards Baleal. Now warmed up but still could not run, still shuffle/jog/walk! Really hard on blisters and spirits! Fantastic views up to Baleal along the coast then inland to Ferrel and through to Casais do Mestre Mendes. Great running conditions! Turned left up what I hoped was a road, my map had no record of it but signs for Praia d'el Rey pointed that way and I wanted to go there. Road ran out but still not a bad track, track got worse dad panicked a bit. All went wrong with my foot at 16k, I felt a burning under the ball and had to stop! Luckily support vehicle was just ahead and I limped to it. Shoe and sock off and a new blister had formed along the pad just below my toes and another had burst! Popped as much as I could, sprayed, savlon applied, new sock and vasolene, shoe back on and I was away again. Ferrari would have been proud of that pit stop! Very painful for next 20 minutes then mellowed. 26k in and we found Praia d'el Ray and tarmac! Resort set in amazing location but looked empty and all work stopped, sign of the times! Blister foot got worse over last 12k, much better when I ran but could not keep going in case thigh had a set back. Really enjoyed finishing in Mina do Amerio, I ran almost properly the last 2k and touch wood, no after effects. Fed up with not completely running but felt better. 6'56"11 still 3 hours too much exercise, hopefully quicker tomorrow, blisters allowing ! Me and dad back to bickering constantly so normality resumed. Now fed and going to communal shower block to find a hot shower! Oh, nearly forgot, got ipod sort of working and listened to The Trial! Although I new the ending due to shuffle problem earlier, still a good listen!

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