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Day 5 - Marathon 5 - 27th March 2013

28-March-2013 19:24
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Day 5 27th March 13 Newcastle, The Great North Childrens Hospital to Hartlepool


Up at 6am, worked on the route, did my morning workout exercise in the room and in the corridor. Down to breakfast feeling hungry, a good sign I think. Porridge, bowl of fruit, omelette, beans and tomatoes, two toast and jam and one pastry also 2 cups of tea and a glass of grapefruit juice. Now feeling ill, back to the room, 15 minute rest, Voltarol to right knee and buttock and tiger balm to most of the rest of my legs and back! Kit on and off to The Great North Childrens Hospital for 9:30 to hopefully meet the staff and possibly some patients. Thanks to Essential Hotels and the Marriott, good nights sleep had. Took a bit of time to check out, I put the wrong Hospitals post code in sat nav, late to the Hospital! Only by five minutes, but I had a bit of road rage on the way with a car in front. The driver at any minute I thought was going to get out of his car and put his ear to the ground just to hear if any cars were coming before he pulled out! A few words of explanation as to why I wanted him to pull out some time soon over, and we both got back in our cars without him saying another word. I ended up following him at some speed all the way to the Hospital, he only works there as a car ambulance volunteer! I went straight over to him and apologised and he apologised too saying he was daydreaming. All good, we met Zoe and went inside the fantastic new building and up to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit. We had a guided tour led by Cara Smith (youth support co-ordinator), Vicky Lockey (clinical nurse specialist) of the complete facility, the common room was fantastic but the "Penthouse" as they called it was unbelievable. It had views over to St James's Park and kitted out amazingly with pool tables, juke boxes, recording equipment huge tv, the works. This area is where, in this instance 13 to 18 year old patients hang out and can feel as normal as possible. We then had the pleasure of meeting a patient called Kimberly, who is going through a tough time at the moment. We had a chat with her and her parents, Colin and Chris Hall, about all things from Teenage Cancer Trust to football to X Factor! They had been reading my blogs which surprised me a bit! They said, I think politely, that they found them funny, but they thought dad was a hero with his navigation exploits! We eventually said our goodbyes and well wishes and left them alone. I keep saying it but these people are amazing, the young patients, the family's and the ward staff and Teenage Cancer Trust workers. We had a few pictures taken with everyone, by the New Teenage Cancer Trust sign and fire extinguishers! Thanks to Zoe for organising the visit I again felt inspired by the hard work of the staff and the determination of these young people. I have said before that I do not look too far ahead when I am faced with a big challenge, I take it one step at a time, one day at a time and enjoy the little victories of each day. My challenge of course is voluntary. These young people do not have a choice they take each day as it comes one step at a time, one challenge at a time and each small victory celebrated. I take inspiration from them. Sorry to use a quote, I do not know who said it though? Yesterday is history, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, appreciate every moment. May be it was my mum! Anyway on with the day. Down to the van, now 11am and snow now falling. Zoe so kindly handed me my hat for today, a Newcastle jesters hat with bells! On with the hat, quick video as dad was moaning about the cold, and off we went on our way to Hartlepool. Great start, sat nav said right but no right turn! We set off in our different directions! By the time I got to the main entrance to St Jamse's Park dad had caught back up. I plugged in the route again to avoid all the main roads which was good but this meant lots of intricate left and rights which dad of course did not think was good! We eventually made our way across the Tyne and into the suburbs and industrial areas. A few dodgy moments across very large roundabouts and a few insults hurled at me by, I assume, Sunderland fans but all not too bad. My right knee was hurting a bit but I seemed to be flying along quite nicely. 10k complete in just under 45 minutes. 14k reached as I started to hit countryside, the icy head wind and the hills! I got to 20k and things started to tighten up. First my right hamstring then calf then everything hurt! This was how I remembered it! Long story short, I ran through mainly country B roads getting slower with every pace, lost dad at a roundabout, a few words exchanged over the phone and completed 42.2k in 3'28"18 just North of Trimdon Colliery. 407m elevation gain, 330m elevation loss. Number 5 complete and not feeling great! Thanks to today's shirt sponsor Clifton Asset Management, I look forward to running with all you guys from Frome to Bristol on I think the 17th April.  Quick video and photo taken in the freezing snow blizzard and in the van for a change of clothes. I did not feel too good so dad offered to drive the 95 miles to Bridlington. Not an easy drive in very changing conditions, I had a bit of a sleep when I could get into a position that eased the pain of a pitbull hanging off my right buttock! Eventually arrived but the sat nav kept directing us into the sea? Quick phone call and the sat nav was correct! Down the slipway to the Harbour was the access road to a wonderful Hotel Restaurant and Bar called Rags. What a fantastic location, the very rough sea was crashing against the harbour wall at the level of the roof! We parked up and went inside to a fantastic welcome and the smell of home cooked food! We were shown to our rooms which overlooked the boats and just about the wall! Not too quick a shower, which by the way was the most powerful and hot I have ever had! Now feeling a bit more human we went down to the restaurant, again a great friendly welcome. We were shown out the back to the eating area and seated by the huge windows at sea level. Fantastic spot but I am sure one good wave and this place would be gone! Great meal consumed, leek and potato soup followed by Lasagne and salad followed by all of dads veg, half a loaf of bread and a ginger syrup sponge pudding and a coffee. Suitably full we were both nodding off at the table so off to our rooms. On the way out one of the staff asked to take our photo so they could put it on their web site and try and get sponsorship. All good photo taken, and again about to leave when I was introduced to the owner and his mates. Had a great chat, one of them, now 60, is entered into the great north run, previous best time 1'14"! The owner Les is very into charity and organises quite a few events through the year, one being a mile race for men in high heals! He also said he played a bit of rugby league in his time, what he did not say at first was that he played for Leeds Rhinos and England and Great Britain nearly 500 times! Les Dyl is his name, proper nice bloke, gets no trouble in his bar! and very kindly gave a bed and all food to me and dad free of charge. Thank you Les and Julie and all your fantastic staff for your kindness and hospitality. If anyone finds themselves in Bridlington look them up the place is called Rags very recommended. Up to the room and unfortunately time for an Ice bath! Managed 6 minutes and was freezing! Spent a bit of time on tomorrows route, made a few calls, fell asleep watching TV, now 1am and going to bed properly.

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