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Tuesday 28th February MARATHON 39

28-February-2012 22:06
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by Admin

Had good very hot shower, dressed and out to find food. Dads chest was not good, as the heat went out of the day and our room was cold, until I asked them to put the heating on! His Bronchial problem got worse! Anyway we got recommended to a restaurant we could not find, there's a shock, so we went to the cafe where we had a coffee after yesterdays run and realised that was the recommended restaurant! Had a great meal by a hot log fire, dads chest was fine. We were the only people in the bar area so served quick from a full menu and had a good meal that was very cheap. Back to our Pilgrims Pension and dads chest played up again! We are going to the Farmacia in the morning and maybe the doctors if they will not sell Antibiotics over the counter! I then iced both shins and calf's and went to bed. Could be a long night with dads cough! Much newer here than last nights transport cafe but no atmosphere. Dad was not good through the night, he sat up most of it, trying not to cough so he did not wake me, not alot of sleep had by any of us! Up at 6:00, tried to get my left shin and achilles moving with a massage. Had a go at my right shin, which is rising rapidly to the top of the list of most troublesome problems! Strapped up and got ready for my morning run. Very dark and very quiet out, the square was misty with only one light on by the church. I headed right to an area I had not been down, soon lost I thought I would go until the end of the village. End came too quick I turned left, idea being keep turning left, find your way back! Still pitch black and very misty, the medieval village was not easy to work out! Long story short my early morning run was a shambles, I eventually found my way back to the square after 58 minutes and 6.5k! The mist/fog had not lifted but it was getting lighter, walkers were on the move. Back to the room, dad was not good! Showered, changed and down to breakfast. I keep saying it but, this truly was the worst breakfast, it made the crisp bread and jam seem great! Packet Croissant and glass of tea! Dad was not good at all so we went to the Farmacia, very nice lady pointed us to the Doctors/Hospital. Dad was struggling to breath, the cold misty air was not helping. It was 9:15 at this point, the not very friendly receptionist took all dads details, told him to sit down and he would be seen in 10 minutes. We needed provisions and I needed more strapping so I left dad and said I would meet him back at the room. All shopping done, ready to start kitting up and strapping for today's run. Very concerned about my right shin, still very  painful to pull my foot up! No sign of dad so I headed back up to the Doc's and found him still waiting, time now 10:15! Dad eventually was seen at 10:30, diagnosed with Bronchitis, prescribed Antibiotics and we left at 10:50. Still foggy and getting late, the idea of running was getting less appealing. Back to the Farmacia and eventually back to our room at 11:45! We packed, I strapped both ankles up to mid shin, got kitted up and we were ready to leave at 12:15! We drove back to the finish of yesterdays run, set the route, quick video and we were ready to set off at 12:45. The mist had now all disappeared and we were back to blazing sunshine, no clouds and no wind. Finally set off at 12:50 up a slight hill for the first kilometre my current injuries were not happy! I ran past a school outing of walkers so I tried to look like a runner enjoying the day, the lead teacher clapped me and the rest followed suit, as soon as I had past I went back to a hobble with a grimace on my face! The route was basically all on one road, the LU633 apart from the first and last few kilometres. I had an ok first 10k, mostly level or down hill, 59 minutes. I had an uncomfortable 2nd 10k, mostly up hill. A very uncomfortable 3rd 10k all up hill and an excruciating last 12.2k up and down steep hills! My strapping on my left Achilles was not as good as the day before or my injury was worse and my right shin strapping was at best doing nothing and at worst stopping the blood flowing to my foot! I tried to listen to my ipod today in an attempt to take my mind to another place. The ipod, now with a broken screen, (I dropped it), is harder to operate so I found a station with a good signal and stuck to it. First tune up was Una Paloma Blanka, last heard in the 70's! 2nd up was a great tune from the Godfather movie, me and my old mate Neil Sullivan used to play it alot when we were kids while driving in the sun and pretend we were gangsters! I have had a few chats with Neil and Phil over the last few weeks and alot today, one being good and encouraging and the other telling me to stop and have a beer! Anyway the ipod then changed of its own accord and I listened to the Spanish version of talk sport! I got the odd team reference but other than that not too good.

Marathon completed in a place called Lier on a local road next to a farm, just off the LU-633, 2 miles South East of Sarria, in a very painful 4'35"57. Another marathon complete and 6.5k extra in the pot, so all good. I think however I may have underestimated the mountains of the pilgrims way, could they not have chosen an easier path! With a completely fit body this would be very tough but with calf and Achilles problems it may prove too much. I will look at my route options tonight, although the complete North West of Spain is a mountain range so nowhere will be easy! Why did I not do this in Holland?

Anyway, had my orange, un strapped my legs, washed my feet and sat in the still very hot sun and chilled watching a heard of cows pass directly by us without a bother. However bad my legs feel, that part of the day is still great. Now pushing 6pm we packed up and started to think about where to stay tonight! Sarria did not look too good but it was our only choice due to our late start and finish. As we headed in we noticed a small sign for a Hotel, we followed, through not a nice area to a not bad Hotel called Alfonso IX, part of Carris Hoteles. Checked the prices, not bad so checked in. Dad had been good all day with his chest but as soon as the sun goes and the air gets colder his problems start. He struggled to get comfortable and did not stop coughing and wheezing. He is now however fast asleep and snoring! Now for a shower and off to find food!

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