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Day 4 - Marathon 4 - 26th March 2013

27-March-2013 7:50
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Day 4 - 26th March 2013 Hexham to the Freeman Hospital Newcastle

Up at 6am after an ok night, fantastic bed and room but far too hot! Right knee now rising to the top of the pain list! Down to the gym, 20 minute walk and run on the treadmill, 7 incline to raise the heart rate. New warm up stretch routine complete, movement range getting better apart from right hamstring, followed by 30,20,10 and general steady stretch. Back to the room, quick shower then checked the weather forecast, not good! It has snowed all night and still is. The driveway looks clear but the cars are covered, I can't see our van from here but I fear we may have to dig it out, good warm up! Down to breakfast, porridge, 2 toast and a bowl of fruit plus 2 cups of tea. I am struggling to eat as much as required at the moment. I think my body is still adjusting to the continuous exercise and needs to tune in. Last time I only ate when hungry at first and lost too much weight so I am forcing myself to eat. Not that nice, I have slight nausea constantly. The MaxiMuscle gels are helping with the energy level but not with my stomach! Anyway, on with the day, dad is not looking forward to today, he would prefer it if we were snowed in! Reluctantly we left our wonderful rooms and checked out, all food given free due to our cause! Thank you Essential Hotels and Slaley Hall DeVere. The van was brought to the front door so someone else had to dig out! Quick video taken then off to the start just west of Hexham. We set the sat nav up so we avoided all the main roads until we get to the outskirts of Newcastle, I had enough fumes yesterday. I had my running hat also my Scottish Jimmy hat to keep my ears warm. Also decided on a running coat and Teenage Cancer Bib. Snow now falling heavy, dad panicking about the route and off we went. For 75% I ran through very picturesque country lanes with drifts of snow 4ft deep against the hedge rows. I missed a photo opportunity, at least 30 sheep all in a row nose to tail against a stone wall protecting them from the wind that was smashing me in the face, they're not so stupid! Avoiding the main roads came at a cost, hills! 420m rise 588m fall, the downs hurt more than the ups! 10k covered in 47mins, legs felt stiff and lacked strength, it took the first 10k of working hard to get them moving and eventually find a bit of rhythm. Dad was happy stopping at each junction taking the odd photo and moaning about how cold he was! Eventually we reached civilisation and main roads. All went ok, now only 14k to go with legs on autopilot and snowing heavy. The fun started as we got into Newcastle. First dad decided to stop on a roundabout just before the exit half blocking the entrance from a motorway to make sure I knew the way, lots of not amused drivers! 2nd was a stop on fly over fork, dad managed to stop on the chevron triangle between the two roads! Amazingly all ok though, now only 4 miles to go and we hit the city centre! Not a chance, I lost dad and that was that. I finished running towards the Freeman hospital getting dodgy directions from pedestrians and completed 42.21k in 3'22"43 again pleased with the time but running low on energy! Rang dad and he did not panic which was good, he just went to the hospital following the sat nav and waited for my call, we are getting somewhere. I was now in the back streets on newcastle somewhere near but without a clue of which way to go or how far it was! A police car approached and stopped along side, a touch taken aback I looked at him through his window saw my reflection and realised I had the Jimmy hat on and looked quite ridiculous. He politely but sternly asked me what I was doing so I explained, he smiled opened his door and gave me a lift to the Hospital, spot on. Very nice bloke, he dropped me off at the main entrance by the van, hung about a bit then pulled away with his window down. He wished me luck and said he had just text to donate, very nice policeman. The Cancer centre was round the back so I Jogged on the ring road to the new entrance where I was met by the lovely Zoe from Teenage Cancer Trust. A few photos taken out side, I froze so we went inside and up to the unit where I met Peter another Teenage Cancer Trust member. Very pleasant chat, photos and video taken in one of the units common rooms. All done, dad and me back in the van and off to find our accommodation. Only 4 miles away we checked into the Marriott, all very nice, dad, now much happier, went straight to sleep, I did the washing and looked up the weather forecast, not good! Icy strong Easterly wind, can't wait. Now back in the room, after a chicken curry in the Hotel bar, icing my right knee and buttock whilst watching the England game. Now going to bed, day 4 complete and I am pooped. Thanks to Howard Button and the Federation of Demolition Contractors for being our shirt and day sponsors. Goodnight

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