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Tuesday 27th March MARATHON 70 & 71

27-March-2012 23:23
in General
by Admin

27th March - Day 74. Up at 6:15, pressed snooze a couple of times, got up at 6:40. Terrible night! Bed was fine temperature was fine. I seem to have a head cold again, nose blocked, had to breath through mouth and coughed a lot. But the problem is my legs, they hurt! I have a dull ache all over and more acute aches in my knees! I now only take one ibuprofen each morning but I need to sleep so might have one at night from now on! Marathon 70 today plus I think I am close to another catch up! I will check later. Struggled to get to the bathroom, legs reluctant and brain telling me to go back to bed! Kit on and out and running by 7:05. Rochefort is another wonderful place. By the looks of it the centre of town is built as a grid, horizontal and vertical roads. Very large and loads going on. The market was setting up as I ran west from our hotel. Always makes me feel good, I spent 3 years working at Hemel market when I was at school. Thursday and Friday Mornings and Saturday all day for a total of £4! Great times working on Charlie's Jean stall with my friends Daren Moyler and Gary Copestake, both I have not seen for years, working on the Fruit and Veg stall next to me and Graham Beckley working on the Sweet stall. Graham and wife Heather (Pickering) I have seen loads of over recent years. Anyway I digress, great run up to the very grand train station and on past the Hotel area, loads to choose from! Back through the market street past lots of coffee shops and Boulangere's fantastic. 7.05k in 45"40. I felt a bit better physically but mentally I felt re energised, a most enjoyable run! I met dad at the entrance to the hotel all ready for breakfast, still before 8am I shot up, gingerly walked up the 3 floors of winding stairs, quick shower and back down to meet dad in the breakfast area. Very pleasant place, very nice buffet, no porridge but we bought Jordans, oats and fruit clusters. Too sweet but it was full of what I needed. Nice breakfast tea and a few mini croissants and a mini pan au raison and I was good to go. Dad stayed at the van and I climbed the 3 flights to get the bags and bits. All done leaving the room, a very out of breath dad appeared needing the loo! The one on the ground floor in reception was obviously not to his liking! All done down stairs to pay and dad noticed the loo! In the van and away by 9:30 back to the area we finished yesterday. Another stunningly beautiful and very warm day! We had a bit of time to set out the route and get kitted up, much better frame of mind today but still did not feel great. Route planned to run on the D3 through Brouage, fantastic fortified village, Moeze to Soubise. Then take the D238e1 east towards the bridge and Rochefort. Over the bridge, immediately right through the suburbs and into the centre avoiding the big main road and then join the D5 straight, very straight to our completion just before Aigrefeuille. All done and kitted up, I set sail after a quick video, very quick, it ran out of battery! At 11:14. Normal first 3k, push hard and a lot of pain! Then settled into running along a very flat but winding lovely country lane with the sun beating down and no wind. The route through Brouage was particularly nice, apart from the cobbles! All good, I reached 10k without too many problems or thought, in around 50 minutes, energy level ok so I pushed on. I met dad just before 13k and made the fatal mistake of saying I feel good! Within seconds something went ping in my left calf on the outside near the top! A quick scream/squeak a hobble and a slow down and I carried on but a lot slower. I changed my running style back to no back lift and very flat footed and reached half way going over the main bridge into Rochefort. Dad missed the planned right turn after the bridge and I ended up running on the road we planned to avoid! All mileage though, dad took the next available right of the main road, quick stop to re plan and we cracked on through Rochefort. Now very hot, knees and right hip hurting, left calf not in use and I had no energy, never going to say I feel good again until the run is over! Anyway, now through the town we joined the D5. 15k dead straight with a slight climb! Very tough to the completion of marathon 70, just south of Aigrefeuille in a time of 3'50"43. A good time for me but it seems to be getting tougher again! Nice orange, washed feet, could not ice, no ice! Sat in the very hot sun for a few minutes then I got a call from Paul Freeman, fellow trustee, who is over for a few days to finalise our route to London. Set the sat nav for the Hotel booked in La Rochelle and we set off. Met Paul, had a coffee in the sun, had a catch up. To the room quick shower and then we are out to the town to find food! Very pleased number 70 was chalked up today and even more pleased I have just found out I have completed another with my extra miles so tomorrow is marathon 72 in 75 days! All good, just need to get ice on my calf and hope it is ok!

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