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Day 3 - Marathon 3 - 25th March 2013

26-March-2013 11:12
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Day 3 - 25th March 2013 Glasgow Beatson Hospital To Carluke

Great nights sleep only interrupted by the odd Rhino snore from dad. Up at 6:15, hobbled to the bathroom for the first and no doubt not last time! My left thigh has tightened up, I am sure it is fatigue and not a tear, my lower back is remaining a problem so slow movement is required. I must look ridiculous and certainly no athlete. Oblutions??? complete and as there is no gym and it is freezing outside I am doing my exercises in my room followed by a run up and down the stairs and to finish I will have my first roll on Jessica! Workout complete, got a few strange looks from other guests as I ran up and down. Good breakfast, porridge and honey, 2 toast and marmalade, beans, scrambled egg and tomato 2 cups of tea and a bowl of fruit. I have to put this down, I am using this as my fuel record. Now back in the room, kitting up ready to be at the Hospital at 10am to meet Siobhan from Teenage Cancer Trust. Weather permitting I have got a policeman running with me for the final mile. The last time that happened I managed to keep just ahead out of his reach! All good packed up, planned route going past Ibrox and Park head, I would like to see them so why not. Dad, that's why not! Dad was very concerned as it was his first day alone in charge of navigation. After a bit of persuasion we agreed not to go as I wanted and instead straight out East, easy route but into the head wind. Great reception at the Beatson Hospital and the Teenage Cancer Trust unit. Siobhan had a goody bag for me, this included among other nice things, a See You Jimmy hat! I put this on for the local paper and hospital photos and quickly put it in the bag. I met Rachael, a young cancer sufferer and her mum. Rachael is on daily visits for radio therapy and as expected is very thankful to Teenage Cancer Trust. It really makes a difference to these young people during their journey and also the confidence gained through sharing their experience with each other. Anyway, time to get on. Goodbyes done, the odd tear discreetly wiped away, quick start video complete and off we went. I felt good I think again due to meeting such inspirational people, staff and patients. The road although dead straight was good to run on. Dad was all over the place stopping in bus lanes just before stops as buses were approaching. One lady looked at him and took a step off the pavement to get on board! This kept a smile on my face for a while but this was disappearing rapidly with the freezing wind. I decided on the See You Jimmy hat! Dad handed it out of the window and as soon as it was on I got bibs off drivers all over the place. I was more interested in it keeping my ears and neck warm. The first 10k went quickly in my mind and 46 minutes was also a bit quick. I ran on the A8 which was just about ok until it went under the M73 and became a long straight duel carriageway up hill and against a very strong and cold head wind! 8 miles later with a mouth full of road dust, a frozen face and nostrils full of diesel fumes we turned on to the A73. My legs had nothing left by then, the wind was now side on, so cold but not as much of a struggle. My right hamstring became my biggest problem sending pains down to my calf and ankle! Anyway, quite a pleasant run through to Carluke and the completion of 42.2k in a time of 3'24"12. Not bad considering all against a strong wind. Shame the Policeman could not join me though. My post run routine has not been perfected yet, need to get oranges and proper food on board. We had a packet of M&M's followed by a very small fish and a few chips covered in salt! Our next run is into Newcastle so we had a 2 1/2 hour drive to Hexham 25 miles west of Newcastle. Now here all is good, Essential Hotels have supplied us with very nice rooms at the Devere Hotel Slaley Hall. My only concern is that the countryside is snow covered and it has just started to snow! Good hot shower, quick ice session on various parts and down to dinner with dad all smart. Good Caesar Salad followed by pasta and chicken, all good. Back to the rooms, dad straight to bed happy with his first solo day, I did the washing that we forgot about, this blog and another ice session! Now 10:30 and I can't send this as we do not have 02 coverage! I suppose there had to be something wrong with this place! Well, day 3 done, legs in bits, time for bed.

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