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Day 57 - Training Blog 19th February 2013

26-February-2013 10:49
in General
by Admin


Restless night, legs ached and knees hurt! Up early, -3 so even more kit on! Fantastic morning, thick frost clear sky and early morning mist, very special. Still no energy but much more enjoyable r...un than yesterday. Absolutely freezing through the park, the run felt easier and faster but the time was the same? 6.5k in 39 mins. Good stretch off, back home hot shower and good breakfast. GVH running club tonight so no backing out! Busy day, High five now sponsoring the run, I use Zero electrolyte drink tablets, highly recommend them. Also most of the accommodation is now booked free of charge, well done Jan and thank you Essential Hotels very appreciated. Quick bowl of porridge and a banana at 5pm, kit up at 6:30 and at the club by 7pm. Planned session is 2 mile warm up run to Adeyfield followed by 5 by 1 mile sprint reps and a 2.5 mile run back, sounds fun! Did not fancy it, temperature dropping by the minute and I was not feeling great. Still all good practice. Good group, Bill on a Tuesday! He said he only came so he could borrow the big kettle until Thursday, strange but good. Matt Watt like me did not fancy it, Tom had run 8.5 miles this afternoon, Vince was also feeling the weekend but Guy and Rich were raring to go! Good warm up run, quick pit stop then on with the mile reps! 5:30 was the target pace, first complete Just under, Guy and Rich leading the way, slow 200m recovery jog back to the start, 2nd and 3rd on pace all working hard and feeling it. I did well to keep my porridge down at this point! 4th and 5th a touch quicker and very relieved to be on the other side of another tough session. We met the other group with Dave Wise and Steve Newing and ran back to the club together, steady run that turned fast over the last mile, sub 6! Felt fantastic at the end proving you must put it in evan if you do not fancy it. Cup of tea and a jaffa at the club now home with ice on both calves watching the end of the Arsenal! Game not team! Looking forward to the weekends marathon training 17 run, all welcome.

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