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Day 56 - Training Blog 18th February 2013

26-February-2013 10:48
in General
by Admin


Monday morning, no energy and sore legs! Two runs planned, morning run with Tony and evening run on my own. Kit on, lots of it, very cold out, in the truck and off to Whippendale Woods. Usual 6.5k run to the park and back, very steady and very workmanlike 39 minute run. Felt good to get it done and felt better than before we started. No such thing as a bad run, just tough ones and easy ones but all good runs. Coffee and Chocolate Croissant at the Deli and on with the day. Felt pooped at the end of the day did not fancy another run and again failed to get myself out of the door! Doing a lot but still not enough miles!

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