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Day 52 - Training Blog 14th February 2013

26-February-2013 10:43
in General
by Admin


Legs heavy following last nights run, looking forward to a day off tomorrow. No time for morning run, unfortunately my daughter Jemima's rabbit died last night, shame he was actually a nice little lad. Anyway, I had the duty of digging out its final resting place! Tough going ground was full of flint so I still had a good workout! We said our goodbyes to ...Peanut and got on with the day.

6:30pm 20 minute warm up and lotions applied, kit on and off to Gade Valley Harriers. Numbers a bit low tonight but still a good turnout. Only 7 in our group tonight, Vince was required at home for a romantic evening! We set off at a steady comfortable pace all chatting and very enjoyable. 2 miles into the run Guy decides to inject a bit of pace! The conversation stops instantly and does not restart, the pace is kept up for the following 6 odd miles! The group opens up a bit with everyone working hard. A very tough but rewarding 14.2k complete in 57 minutes. Quick stretch off followed by a lovely cup of tea and 3 Jaffa Cakes in the club and home for a hot shower. Now back watching football with ice now on my left buttock, my new problem! How romantic am I!

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