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Day 2 - Marathon 2 - 24th March 2013

25-March-2013 9:22
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Day 2 24th March 13 Falkirk to Royal Sick Childrens Hospital Glasgow


Up at 5:45, body unsurprisingly felt like I had run a marathon yesterday. Left thigh tight and sore, back very stiff. Kit on and down to the Gym. Only 15 minutes on tread mill, walk 5 run 5 walk 5 at 6 incline to get my heart rate up. New warm up done, surprisingly tough, 30, 20, 10 sit ups and press ups followed by a steady but good stretch. Back to the room, shower and down to breakfast. Porridge, Honey, 2 toast and jam, 2 pastry's, plate of fruit and a cup of tea. Struggled to eat, did not feel right I think my mind was not looking forward to today. Packed the van, kitted up after a lot of massaging with Tiger Balm and a bit too much Voltarol! Only have one thick Ice Breaker ski top so had to wait for it do dry, should have washed it earlier. Eventually finished and ready to go. Only me, dad and Jason were going to Glasgow, Mum, Karen, Jemima and Jan had a few more hours in the Hotel before getting the train back home. Thanks to Essential Hotels for organising all our accommodation free of charge and also for being day 1 shirt sponsor. Good to have everyone supporting the start but today just the three of us and tomorrow just me and dad! Drove to the start just East of Falkirk. Warmer temp on the van reading but the wind was vicious! Hat on, video taken and off at a later than planned 11:35, long time since breakfast, I started to feel hungry. I felt dreadful as I set off, I stumbled as I crossed a grass verge and tweaked my back, the route looked terrible on plan and that made me not want to do it and my body was resisting my mind telling it to run. Anyway, I persisted and eventually found a bit of rhythm as my back loosened, luckily I also kept out of the wind for the first 10k and started to feel ok'ish, 47 minutes for the 10k, not bad but too much hard work. Dad and Jason kept ahead, it is not like last time, I do not need as much fluid or food so it is a bit more relaxed for dad. The wind soon found me and although thankfully for the most part it was a following wind it was bitterly cold! I ran through Bonnybridge, no bridge and did not seem that Bonny, Banknock, Queezieburn and to Bishopbriggs on the A803. Actually the route turned out to be ok, great back drops for the many photos taken, mostly paths to run on and not an irate driver to be seen! Most moved away from the small side paths and waved, which was nice. All this said it did not make it any easier to run, it was a tough grind from the start to the finish! I drank more than I have lately and had two gel packs which by the way, I found out were the cause of some of my tail wind! One section proved to be a bit awkward as we approached Glasgow. I could not run on through an underpass and the path I took led me away from the road up a footbridge and over the duel carriageway! By luck I met the dad and Jason as I exited a village and crossed the main road. All good, I followed through the last section of smaller roads and completed a very tough 42.26k in 3'23"40 right outside the Hospital, again I think more luck than judgement! Jason and I went into the very large Hospital, up to the 7th floor and to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit. All a bit busy, we had a quick chat with the staff but could not see any of the patients. A few photos taken and we were back in the van with a hot coffee and a bounty bar. Quick change out of my wet and cold clothes and we were off to another pre booked Hotel. Much better and easier to have them all organised. An hour later we came to the conclusion that the lovely hotel in the centre of Glasgow, 5 minutes from the hospital we finished at was not fit for purpose! Top Hotel but we could not get the van into the restricted height car park! All the best laid plans! Back to the search for accommodation, we eventually booked into a Premier in on the south side of the town, not the best area but still perfect for us. The next problem now arose, Jason was scheduled to get the 6pm train, now 6:30! A quick look on the net and the only option was a flight to heathrow at a cost of £250! I dropped Jason off at the airport and dad had a snooze. Back at the hotel and down for an ok meal, steak and chips. Now back in the room and back to the old routine of washing my kit, planning tomorrows route and doing my blog with dad fast asleep and making the not pleasant but nicely familiar noises! All good, day two complete, body hurting but still in the game. Tomorrow could be complicated by snow on the roads for the first time. Thanks goes to Lee Craze and his Company Fresh Air for being today's shirt sponsor, very much appreciated. Please keep FaceBooking and tweeting everyone to get people donating by text or any other of the ways set out

Thank you and goodnight.


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