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Sunday 25th March MARATHON 68

25-March-2012 22:43
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by Admin

25th March - Day 72. After a very eventful and enjoyable day yesterday, it feels like back to work today! Up at 6:15, turned out to be 5:15, I altered my phone and it was on automatic change!! Back to bed, extra hour, up at 6:15. Feel knackered! Still, got to get on. Now pitch black out due to the change, I can't find my hi viz top, everyone asleep so I am out as I am! Left for my early morning run at 6:35, down to the van trainers on and away at 6:45. This is a wonderful little natural marina, a few restaurants and coffee shops, a lot of boats and bucket full's of charm. I ran 500m to the edge of civilisation, then headed south east on the D245, along the very flat road boarded on both sides by marshland and farmland. It was pitch black but with very clear and star filled skies. The sun started to rise over the hills ahead as I turned to run back. Completely different from any other run but as good if not better. As I approached the marina, a cockerel introduced the day and I finished back at our very strange but wonderful, Mansion House Hotel. 6.21k complete in 40"58. A bit short but I had to get back for the Radio5live thing at 7:30! All went well, I think, but did not get chance to mention our website or the beneficiaries! I rang back and asked if they could mention that during the rest of the show, a very nice girl took all the details and said that would be fine and they would, I hope they did? Quick shower and down to breakfast. Tony had to be at the airport before the gate closure time of 10am, but he decided to have a quick coffee and Croissant with us. He left in a touch of a hurry at 8:30, cutting it fine! We had our breakfast in a wonderful room, surrounded by oddities that gave the place a magical feel. The owners, and very pleasant Dutch hosts, Ariane and Coen, chatted with us and told us their story of how they ending up here. I have mentioned "Best Ever" and "Best so far" a lot, but if I had to say, at the moment, which place would I return to if I only had one pick, this would be it! Breakfast finished, we returned to the room to plan the route for today. Looked a good coastal run,  through St-Seurin-d'Uzat, Talmont, Meschers-s-Gironde and Royan and finishing in or near La Palmyre on the D145. Dad popped out to put his bags in the van, returned with an invitation from Coen to take a tour of the house and the old Flour Mill he is rebuilding at the rear! We accepted and were amazed at his work, he has turned the top of the mill into their home which has a 360' view! He is making apartments, very unusual and very nice in the rest of the mill, he has a big hall full of pinball machines and old motorbikes! He has installed a lift, all glass in the centre. I could go on, but I think yesterdays history lesson on Blaye is quite enough! Very nice people and a very interesting place to stay. We were about to pay and found out they do not take Cards, worth remembering! Quick trip to the cash point up in the village, back and bill paid. Tony got to the airport in a panic with 6 minutes spare, I said you can do a lot in 6 minutes! He also put the two bottles of wine he bought in his hand luggage instead of his hold bag, both bottles confiscated! I asked Coen if I could buy 2 bottles of good red wine, explaining what had happened, he disappeared, came back with four bottles, of what he said was excellent local wine, 2009, and only charged for 2, which was nice. Anyway, now very late we finished packing and loaded the van by 12:45! The sun was now very hot and no wind, perfect winter running conditions! I finally got on my way after a quick video, just before 1pm. I set off and again my legs felt dead, stiff and I had major pain in my left achilles area, hopefully no hills! I pushed hard for the first 2k as normal to get things going then slowed a lot! Not due to my injuries but due to the cliff face road I had to climb! Not very long but it was very steep! Dad stopped half way to have a chat as I passed and got a touch annoyed when I did not, sorry, could not, return the conversation! Once at the top the road levelled out and apart from the odd few hills the route was fine. The scenery up to Royan was great, the weather was baking, the van registered 28.5 degrees! I drank loads and felt my energy, which was not a lot to start with, evaporate! I ran most of the 2nd half just concentrating on each step and making sure dad was not too far ahead with the drinks! All good apart from a few directional issues that required a quick stop and map read in Royan and I finished the marathon by the Zoo in La Palmyra, In a running time of 3'55"44 still pleased with that but exhausted! Orange, a bottle of water and ham, peanut butter with yesterdays left over french stick, while sitting in the sun, still felt great. Half hour and we were back in the van looking for a bed for the night, we looked all over Palmyra, without success, decided Royan was probably our best bet so we stopped for a quick coffee in the sun and headed out of town on the coast road. Long one short, spotted a seafront Hotel sign on the way back to Royan. I went in had a quick look, had no choice so checked us in to a motel type thing! Perfectly adequate and best of all "The Cooker" made its long awaited return! Dad cooked up pasta bow's and Bolognaise sauce, perfect. Dad said it was the best meal he's had so far! He did actually say that! Now all washed up and cooker hidden. We are off to bed for an early night, dad said the heat wore him out today, I said it did not do me too many favours either!

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