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Day 31 - Training Blog 24th January 2013

25-January-2013 9:04
in General
by Admin


Up early, legs heavy and feeling low on energy. Kit on, weather not good, still warm though 16 degrees. After yesterday I intend to do a short loosener this morning and a 10k late afternoon hopefully a bit quicker. I did the same route as yesterday down from Luz Parque to the bay, I cut off a bit of the village and back up the hill and over to Espeche, left ...on the N125 and left again to the top and back to base camp. Very steady and lacking energy but still enjoyable run complete, 6.55k in 33"21. Good steady stretch off and feeling better. Quick shower, still not hungry so off out to get a good portuguese coffee and find Porridge! Went to the bakers/supermarket in the village, the one I run past that smells so nice. Had a great coffee and croissant and after a confusing few minutes trying to pronounce "Flocos de Aveia" correctly, porridge! Thank you Nikki for the translation. All good, quite a laugh, the lady in the Bakers always enjoys letting me try to speak Portuguese when she can speak perfect English! Another coffee and a Bolo do Arroz (little sponge cake) later and I left feeling much better. Busy day in Portimao and Lagos with a visit to Movison, a outdoor furniture shop on the N125 East of Lagos. Got talking to Chris Winstanley, the owner, who has done a fantastic job of losing over 6 stone whilst cycling across Portugal raising money for a cancer centre in I think he said Lagoa. He lost his best friend to cancer 6 years ago now his life has changed for the better. All good! Anyway, back to Luz for a late lunch in the Habana. Great ham and cheese toasty, crisps and fresh orange enjoyed sitting inside out of the rain, having a chat with Trish and Natasha, about all things running and why I am doing another challenge! Long story short, I left an hour later having talked about the possibility of organising a 10k charity run in September running between Luz and Burgau, raising money for the Cancer centre I spoke to Chris about earlier. They trying to raise enough money to build an over night centre? Don't know weather it is possible but worth thinking about, a lot of people raising a little bit of money makes a difference and would be a giggle. Anyway, back home, did my washing by hand, don't know how to work the machine! Running twice a day creates a lot of washing and as I have only got to sets of kit with me, I can't leave it! All done, clean kit on, quick warm up and off on my evening run. Now dark, 6:15pm, and raining quite heavy. I ran out west on the N125 finding a decent rhythm after a steady start. A bit strange running in the dark, the rain but nice in the cooler temperature and a spring in my step thinking about a possible 10k. A few close calls with the oncoming traffic that sometimes drive half on the road and half on the hard shoulder! All good though and I was soon at Alma Verde and feeling ok. Turned left off the main road towards Burgau, now at a decent pace with a lot less traffic. Through Burgau and left back towards Luz. A nice push up the hill past Porta Donna Maria and 10k complete in 43 minutes. I kept a decent pace up Rua Longa (long road) and the finish back to the ranch, 11.03k complete in a wet but very enjoyable 47"33. All good, quick shower, wash this kit and off to Lagos to pick up my American buddy, Matt Marran. No cooking tonight, we are going to Don Sebastian's in Lagos.

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