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Day 30 - Training Blog 23rd January 2013

25-January-2013 9:03
in General
by Admin


2 months today!

Up at 7am, feeling better than yesterday. Kit on, just T Shirt, jacket and shorts. Fantastic morning, set off at 8am for my morning warm up run. I ran to the main road and down to Luz Bay, bright blue sky, rough sea and still a bit chilly. Ran along by the beach, through the village, all cafe's setting out tables and chairs and the bakers ...smells great. Up the big hill towards Espiche, left along the N126 and back home. A very pleasant 7.53k in a steady 36"41, felt great. Quick shower, not a good breakfast, Muesli! Could not find porridge in the supermarket, half a banana then off for a meeting. I kitted up ready for the main run of the day and hoped to get more food before mid day. No time for more food, quick sip of water, vas and Voltarol applied, belt with drink on and only shorts a T shirt for this run. Now 17 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We set off at mid day and the plan was 30k. All good quick conversation with Joaquin and we left Burgau to Luz feeling good, through luz, sun in my face wishing I had thought to bring my sunglasses, and on to Lagos. Slow start then a good pace of 4"10 a kilometre established. Feeling it, legs stiff but ok, we hit 10k in 43 minutes, quick for my long'ish training runs but felt quite comfortable. All good though, we ran along the top of Lagos and dropped down the coast road overlooking Lagos Harbour, the old Marina and very long beach. Spectacular views and bright hot sun, all good but not used to the heat I was drinking a lot more than normal. Along the Avenida past the start point of my first marathon of my 100 last year, a shiver down my spine and a flashback to all the problems I had! On through past the new Marina and left up past the very large new council building that everyone is now paying for and moaning about! Up the first big hill back up to the top road. I felt good so pushed a bit, Joaquin stuck with me and he was fresh as a daisy at the top, I was not! It took a lot out of me and I felt a bit sick for a minute or two then got my rhythm back and we pushed on. We were at this point on for a sub 1'30 half marathon (21k)! I lasted about another kilometre then the wheels fell off! As we past Boavista Golf course the energy just left me, I felt a bit faint and struggled to keep going. Joaquin slowed when he saw I was in trouble and we went the next kilometre at over 5"30 k pace! Stupidly I thought it would be a good idea to push up the next hill and try to run through it! Long 1k drag, I did pick the pace up to almost back where we were, 4"10 pace but paid the price by the time we reached the top! A very steady run along the N126 past Espiche, Almadna and up to Alma Verde then left back towards Burgau. We cut a bit off and eventually finished! 26.8k in 2'07", not great when we were on for a sub 1'30" half! I apologised to Joaquin and he immediately said he thought the reason the wheels fell off must be down to fuel, I told him what I had eaten and we both agreed it was not enough! It was almost instant, one minute feeling good and pushing the pace, next feeling completely drained! I hope that was it anyway, I promised I would be better next time and we agreed on Friday for the next test! Back home feeling very rough, shower, cup of tea and a big ham and tom sandwich followed by some fruit and nut chocolate and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, all I had! then flaked out and fell asleep. Now preparing my dinner, pork chops, I bought a job lot, and pasta. A lot of training to be done to get me in shape to do 30 in 30 in 2 months time! Positive thinking required. I hope the weather did not stop GVH training last night and will clear up in time so the first GVH organised training run/race can take place on Sunday! Good luck to everyone taking part, I will be at the next one.

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