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Day 29 - Training Blog 22nd January 2013

25-January-2013 9:01
in General
by Admin


Up early, 15 min general work out and stretch, shower, pack and off to the airport. Unfortunately on my own as my daughter is not well, flu! Karen has stayed with her. Good mother. Still, the idea was to train for a week in warmer weather whilst meeting friends that live there and some coming from America! I will make the most of it, not a good cook though...! 1hr delay sitting at Luton due to fog! Good flight, landed only 30 mins after scheduled. Weather good, 16 degrees but showery. Straight to shops, food bought, quick coffee and ham roll, unloaded, kitted up and ready for a late afternoon run. It had got dark with clouds and started raining so extra waterproof on. Ran from Luz in cloud along the N126 to Burgau in sunshine and I overheated! -7 Saturday to 16 today! I felt very weak and ill at 6k, struggled back in the pouring warm rain! Completed 11k in 49"10 Struggled for about 10 mins then felt ok, I put it down to the travelling, too much coffee and not enough food! Quick shower then cooked roasted veg and pork chops. Burnt veg but meal was great and I feel much better. Met my old mate Jimmy who started running at 46, he is now 53 and running marathons in 2'50"! I am doing a training run with him tomorrow at 11:30, only 30k! All good training.

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