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Day 1 - Marathon 1 - 23rd March 2013

24-March-2013 9:42
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Day 1 Edinburgh to Bo'ness 23rd March 13


Slept well after a good meal of Pasta and Chicken. Great to see the Gullans and the Sounesses last night. Up at 5:40, steady stretch and kit on for a quick gym session. 20 minutes on the treadmill, walk run warm up followed by my new core warm up and muscle kick start routine. Took about 15 minutes followed by a few press ups and sit ups, 30, 20, 10. Felt good so out in the wind for a very short run 1k only. Back in shower and at breakfast by 7am. Porridge, banana, honey, 2 toast, 2 mini pastries, a cup of tea and a glass of grapefruit consumed by 8am. Dad joined me and did not look too good, not ill just worried about getting lost! I am eating not just for fuel to run but also to keep warm! Back to the room, voltarol and tiger balm applied along with vaseline. Now off to the Sick Kids Childrens Hospital in Edinburgh for the start very nervous, no backing out now! Great send off from the hospital organised by Dawn Crosby from Teenage Cancer Trust. Had the pleasure of meeting a teenage patient and her family who were going home today for a couple of weeks. The mum and dad wanted to speak to me about their experience with Teenage Cancer Trust and the need for more funds to create more beds. There are only 2 at this Hospital and unfortunately there are more than 2 patients! After a good chat, they wished me well, I did the same. Also think I got the girls dad seriously thinking about getting the running shoes out again, he looked at me and said if you can do it so can I! All good. Eventually we set off after some strange photo requests from the local press and our 1st start video taken and a million hugs from family and friends. A lovely run through Edinburgh with my friend Neil Souness, local knowledge always beats the sat nav! We ran to Leith through the old town, up the Royal Mile, the Mound past the Museums, art galleries and past the Castle on the left. Very enjoyable, great scenery, good company and also a decent pace. Turned left at Leith and along the roads closest to the Firth of Fourth. Great views across the very rough water. Up to this point not too cold and a slight tail wind, all good. Neil dropped off after about 8 miles of decent pace running, well done and thanks. I made my way now following the lead of my van driven by Jason with dad, looking much better now, as co pilot, Karen and Jemima in the back as moral support. The Gullans and the Sounesses followed, with my mum and Jan, in their cars making sure we went the best way with Alan shouting the odd obscenity at me amongst his encouragement, all good. At about 10 miles my right buttock tightened and pain began. Not too bad but enough for me to start looking forward to the end. Up the A90 I encountered my first road rage. A very irate van driver annoyed that I was running on the hard shoulder of a duel carriage way miles away from him? Put a smile on my face and helped me through a tough patch. The miles disappeared and the wind stayed behind me, literally, I had a lively stomach towards the end of the run which also amused me. 6 miles from the end all going well the land flattened as I turned to run across open fields. I thought I was running in Speedos! The freezing wind and rock hard snow cut across me from the right, snow down south is softer, along with us according to all my mates up here! It made me run bent over to the right trying to stop the wind pushing me across the road and freezing my ear and face off! This lasted a mile or so then back to the tail wind and the completion in a place called Bo'ness. Great support from everyone, my first finish video complete along with 43k, 26.5 miles in 3'14"21. Too quick really but I think the excitement along with my theory that if you are in pain go quicker to get the pain over sooner. Still great first day, tomorrow will be the test. Running on tired painful legs is where it all really starts! Everyone now frozen we all jumped into the vehicles and headed to the Novotel. Very enjoyable coffee, cake, nuts and a fish finger sandwich consumed with everyone having a chat about the day and the relief that we are finally underway. All done, up to the room for Icing! Endured a few hours on and off icing followed by a sleep. Up at 6:30 rush to get ready and off to the Gullan's for a chinese take away. Great evening, I avoided the chinese, Wendy kindly made be 2 roast chickens with Pasta! Our friends the Tulloch's also came along with the Souness clan. Dad had a few too many glasses of wine and tripped into story mode! Highly amusing, great evening had, all in the van and back to the hotel for a quick nightcap. Eventually back to the room for more ice and in bed by midnight. Thanks to everyone for your support near and far. Your donations big and small are greatly appreciated, these kids need our help.

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