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Thursday 23rd February MARATHON 33 & 34

23-February-2012 23:07
in General
by Admin

Up at 6am after a good nights sleep, just was not long enough! Time just disappears, we are an hour ahead but there seems to be no time each day after the run! Unfortunately my left lower calf, shin and ankle were swollen and seized! I attempted to stretch and get it all moving. With a little success I got ready for my early morning run. Still not moving well I left the hotel at 7am and set off East along the coast and through the village of Combarro. The running did not last long, I had to stop stretch more, walk and run again! It was still nice to get out at that time of day, however not as good as yesterday due to the pain and the lack of life in the village! Still, managed 5.58k in just over an hour, (which completed Marathon 33). Back to the room I consulted my pit crew, dad, and decided that the best option was to strap it up for support and at least walk the marathon today! Did not want to walk for fear of blisters. I managed to do a fair job of the strapping, it enabled me to walk without a limp and it looked like it had been done by someone who knows what they were doing! Down to breakfast without limping , we had one of the worst breakfasts in one of the best positioned dining rooms with views across the bay to the rising sun. Back to the room, packed, paid and van loaded. Quick video and we set off west along the coast on the PO-308. I keep saying it but it truly had amazing scenery and views south across the Ria de Pontevedra. All going good at 10k, we approached Sanxenxo, a large'ish sea front town with harbour, marina and beautiful beach lined with well kept hotels, shops and nice houses. All started going wrong at half way! Shin started to bite, foot started to twist and blisters started to form!!! I stopped at the van, shoes off, cleaned feet dried and applied antiseptic spray. Shoes back on and I decided to attempt a slow run. Bad move, made shin and ankle worse and made me feel ill for the next hour! We went to the Restaurant next to our Hotel last night and found a very friendly Spaniard who spoke good English due to his first wife being from Edinburgh! He looked after us well and ordered what he wanted us to have, not what we wanted! Very helpful but liked a chat, dad, who also likes a chat, thought he was a bit much. Anyway he ordered starters and main which were ok but then he got us tasters of all sorts on the house, some tasted like they had been around the house a bit too long! The man by the way was just a punter in for a drink, he had nothing to do with the restaurant! Anyway I think the meal had something to do with why dad and I felt a bit dickey! Back to walking, I tried not to limp in a hope that no more blisters would occur, more or less worked. I finished the marathon distance in a place called Cambados, very tired and very sore, In a time of 7'52"03! Still another one done and 5.58k towards the catch up tally! Dad found a little hotel within 200 yards of the finish. No time to do anything else so straight to room, iced legs, treated blisters and got on with Blog! Hoping I can strap up both lower calf's so I can attempt a run tomorrow. Dad now asleep snoring with a head cold thrown in for added sound effects! Goodnight.

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