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Monday 23rd January MARATHON 10

23-January-2012 20:59
in General
by Admin

Tried to sleep without too much success, dad fell asleep while reading, woke up at 8:30 when I was trying to sleep and spoke to our complete family telling them they could not speak to me as I was trying to sleep! No sleep and got up at 9pm ready to leave at 10 to pick up Cliff. Unfortunately I found out we have a technical communication problem, which is why my reports are late every night! I think the problem is caused by me! Anyway picked Cliff up and got back to the hotel in Setubal at 11:30. Missed the garage on the way back so no ice for legs! Dad and Cliff got on like a house on fire and after a quick chat, 1 hour, we went to bed. We had spoken about snoring, apologised politely to each other and the only person not to snore was dad!   

Up a bit later than normal at 7:30, went through normal warm up and stretching routine and went to breakfast. After so many nice days this morning was overcast and very foggy, Cliff was a bit gutted. Sorted ourselves out, a bit different having a 3rd person in the camp but actually got ready quicker. Dad was very concerned about following or leading us through the traffic, the tight streets and the fog so we decided to load up Cliff with all required drinks, Clif Shot Blok's and a bit of food and sat nav'd dad to the approximate completion position. I think it was the most enjoyable day my dad has had so far! I was struggling with my left lower Calf (soleus) and very sore behind my left knee! We left Stubal from the port key side and travelled along the N379-1 west in thick fog, could not see 20 yards in any direction! Good job, if I could have seen what was coming I might not have done it! My legs were very sore and stiff but they then settled in as the climb began. The first hill was about half a mile climbing about 210m. It levelled a little level then we climbed 640 odd meters for 1.8 miles! Actually all went very well and enjoyed it! Again we still could not see anything until we broke through the cloud and fog just before the top. The skies cleared to bright blue and hot sunshine. We travelled through Portinho da Arrabida and Parque Natural Arrabida. Turned left off the N379-1 at Cassais da Serra Convento on a track towards Calhariz. This was the first time I had not had a vehicle ahead and did not time my drinks and Electrolytes correctly! I felt great until about 2 miles into the track run when I became light headed and hands went tingly, we had a quick refuel and I was fine within 15 mins. The track running was great and we went through fantastic countryside, farms, vineyards and we think a monastery. We followed the tracks and small roads to Pedreiras, Santana, Zambujal and Zambujal de Cima. We followed the N379 towards the west peninsula, turned right, North, on the N371 towards Alfarim at this point with 12k to go the pains started! We climbed for most of the first 21k and came down for the next 10k, this killed my knees and I had a new pain in my left quad (thigh) low down by my knee! I thought I would crack on and it would go but I was wrong! This one got me and I am glad cliff was with me. We stopped and tried to stretch it off and set off again. Unfortunately it got worse to the point I felt very sick! We ended up running for 10 seconds and walking for 10 seconds! This has been my biggest fear! We managed to get me walking for 10 seconds and running for 30 then finished running very slowly the last kilometre! Very disappointing and worrying, I iced straight away and while we had a very nice Omelette in a Cafe that dad found which was very nice and again dad was conversing freely and at length with the owner, cook and waitress (all the same person) who spoke not one word of English. Good food, great price but very slow! Anyway on the way back we stopped at the sea and I had a dip, it was freezing but thought it may help! We got back to base camp and Cliff proceeded to experiment on me with his newly acquired skills of sports massage therapy! I hope the lorry drivers staying in the next room do not speak English, Cliff was stretching me all over the place, I was screaming and moaning, cliff would say he had to go further, I would pant and say ok but be careful and don't go too deep! Stretching and massage complete we had a nice cup of tea made by Cliff, a bit milky but not bad. Now I am about to get in an ice bath before dinner! Not looking forward to this but I will try anything to help me keep going! Marathon distance in 4'29'55 fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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