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Day 29 - Marathon 29 - 20th April 2013

21-April-2013 7:52
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Day 29 20th April, Ascot to UCLH Euston


Good nights sleep after a few pillows thrown at dad across the room to get him to move and stop the new loudest snore and the yawning while asleep routine which I have never heard before and would not have thought possible! Up at 6;30, calf/achilles not good, hobble, shower and to breakfast. I waited for dad as it was not the easiest to navigate the corridors I did not want to lose him! Not a bad breakfast, porridge, beans, sausage, scrambled egg, 3 toast and a pastry washed down with 2 cups of tea. Appetite coming back! Back to the room and a good massage on calves and achilles with Tiger, all other jollop applied, kit on, packed up and ready to go. Jason turned up with Jamie from work, checked out and off to the start at Ascot. Perfect day, lovely setting outside Royal Ascot. Took an age to get route in sat nav, finally in as close to mapmyrun as possible and we were good to go. Looked for the Wates lady who was to meet us at the start without success! Sorry we missed you. Drove a mile down the road, picture taken and I set off 10 minutes behind schedule! Hobbled instantly but pushed on and at 2k felt better, not good but better. A lovely run to 10k reached in 44 minutes, a bit quicker than intended but the pace was better for my injury, it was flat and the sun was out. A slight problem at the A30/M25 section, I ran up the slip road on the path, the path started to drop, the motorway rose and I went in a completely different direction! A few phone calls and I was back on the A30 towards Bedfont. Fatigue got me again but the route was busy with people and traffic, which stopped me dropping the pace too much. Reached half in 1'35" but now working hard. Achilles every now and again started to feel tight then hurt like a burn then eased off a bit! Through to Chiswick, traffic choca and the van got left behind! Phone back out and instructions given that got me to Holland Park Avenue. All good, met the van and followed again towards Notting Hill. Thames Water digging road van took direction and that was the last I saw of them! All ok, I knew the way to Marylebone Road and the junction of Baker street where I met India, Bianca, Ross, Regan and Jemima. We all ran the last mile or so to the UCLH and the great welcoming party of family, lots of friends, Caroline and Simon from teenage cancer trust and Ben from Wates. Thank you Wates for your great support and for being today,s shirt sponsor, very much appreciated. All good, apart from achilles now seized! But marathon 29 complete in 3'22"24, quicker than I intended I think due to planned reception time. Lots of photos taken then dad and Jason turned up! Just goes to show it is quicker to run through London than it is to drive! All good lots more mass photos taken. I could not go in to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, however our family friend's son was diagnosed earlier this year and is being treated there. A small group of us went up to see him and spent a good while with him. He is now 26 and my mum has not seen him since he was a baby, which she did remind him of! The hospital is amazing, the Teenage Cancer Unit for young adults is being built at the moment and is very needed. Visit over and back for coffee. Off to our last hotel courtesy of the great Essential hotels and of course Nick. Thanks for everything, I look forward to meeting you soon. All good, quick change and off to the Teenage Cancer Trust Pasta party at the Old Star pub in St James Square. Met all the runners, listened to a young lady patient speak superbly about her experience and Teenage Cancer Trust. Simon Davis the CEO of Teenage Cancer Trust spoke well, thanked everyone then invited me to speak! All actually ok, I hope I did not bore too many people. Great food consumed, a chat with a few runners and a family from California, very nice, then off back to the hotel. Very enjoyable evening, Nando's take away consumed in the hotel bar and late back to the room! Hot bath and icing for a while and to bed by 12:30! Far too late but can't be helped. Getting up at 4:30, taxi booked for5:15, Radio 5Live at 6:15! Thanks to everyone for helping me get here, supporters on FaceBack and titter my family and all my friends. Well 29 down 1 to go! Its been a long journey and we have met some fantastic and inspirational people so thank you Teenage Cancer Trust. Need to sleep so goodnight and good luck to everyone running and thanks to everyone supporting.

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