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Day 83 - Training Blog 17th March 2013

21-March-2013 8:57
in General
by Admin


Up early, good breakfast, lads turned up at 7am, all piled into the van and off to Finchley. Good show from Gade Valley Harriers, although a few of us not quite 100%! Weather held up until the race started then deteriorated quickly. Legs felt ok on the 1st lap of 5 miles, back stiff but no pain approx 32 minutes, not fast but not slow. 2nd lap started ok but... right lower back/buttock tightened. Still ok but working harder to keep the pace, right hamstring now in pain from tight back. 2nd lap complete in approx 35 minutes. Start of 3rd lap, now really struggling, limited ability to stride correctly, pain level rising with each kilometre! Pace slowed dramatically and for the first time in my short running life I did not want to carry on. I hobbled through the rest of the 3rd lap and reluctantly had to give in and stop! I know I am not an athlete but giving up on a race still hurts and more importantly does not bode well for next Saturday! I actually got lapped by the winner as I stopped and he finished! Had a chat with him, he was ok with his 20 miles in 1'44"20! Turns out he is a GB runner and his Marathon time is 2'13"!! Still, positive thinking, I have 4 days of treatment and hard work to get better. Good effort by the rest of the lads, Guy and Vince ground out good runs, Matt Watt and Ed worked through their injury's without giving up to complete the course and Bill worked hard, lacking in miles run recently due to a foot injury, to complete the run, a bit slower than he would have liked but he did finish. Well done Steve Newing, a very good run. Anyway, stopped at Cafe Nero on the way home and enjoyed a lovely coffee, a pecan pastry and a good chat with the lads. Now home, showered and enduring another icing session. Feel terrible but trying to keep positive, there are many people with a lot more to worry about than I have to.

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