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Day 81 - Training Blog 15th March 2013

21-March-2013 8:56
in General
by Admin


Up at 5am, stomach, legs and back aching from core session. Good warm up and steady stretch, kit on and ready to go by 6:30. Ran from home through Kings langley to Hemel. Avoided hills, but not the rain. Very enjoyable and fairly pain free 12.1k run in 54 minutes. Good stretch off, shower and on with dry kit and off to Joel's for another core ...session! Feeling pooped and very sore from the last core session, this one was more stretch and a bit of yoga! Still very tough session but legs felt a bit looser and not so sore. No more running planned today. Should have been in Lincoln with Cliff King running 33 miles today and 33 tomorrow! The last 3 weeks have not gone at all to plan!

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