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Wednesday 21st March MARATHON 63

21-March-2012 18:46
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by Admin

21st March - Day 68. Food ok, salad from the buffet, a couple of days old, chicken breast, smallest chicken in the world, penne pasta, lots of it but slightly over cooked and a couple of tarts for afters, one regional and one lemon. As I said it was ok and filling. Dad and me talked about how quick the last 67 days has gone but how far off home still seems! A few laughs with dads Navy sea cadet days and back to the room, more ice on achilles and try and get all our wet clothes dried on the two, luke warm, radiators! A few texts home and read of my messages, thank you, and to bed just after 11:00. Up during the night with dad trying to get out of the front door to get to the bathroom! We normally leave the light on but forgot, I directed him Left to the bathroom door not Right to the exit! We had a childish giggle and went back to sleep. Alarm went off at 6:15, snooze hit twice and eventually up at 6:30. Took a bit of time to get going, half my morning running kit was left in the van across the road so I did a road side change and finally set off at 7:20. I ran east up the road towards Bordeaux, could murder a bottle, and a big church I could see in the distance. The church was very big and surrounded by ugly new, 70's and 80's, buildings! It is a shame they do this to churches and other period buildings around here. I ran past some amazing large period Villa's with concrete bunkers, I think were houses, built next to them or in front of them! Do we do that? I am not sure we do, planning seems to be much more controlled at home. I am getting carried away, back to the run. Left at The Church to the port and marina, very nice, left along to the harbour wall and start of a very nice, golden sand beach and promenade sea front. I met a few runners and dog walkers along the way. The promenade was spotlessly clean, the sea front buildings immaculate and the hotels looked very expensive, if they were open. The promenade turned into a board walk, which is always nicer to run or walk on, with bike lanes, runners lanes and walkers lane. All very nice, shame the weather was not up to much, overcast sky's but bright and not too cold. I finished my run with a tour round the west part of town, through all the back streets past lots of cafe's busy with the pre work trade and best of all, past dozens of bakers all busy and all smelling great. I ran back to the hotel now starving and in need of a good breakfast! 7.2k complete in 50"54, very enjoyable, I am getting used to the runs being painful and awkward and concentrating on the different place I run each day. Showered in the bath with no shower curtain, very wet everywhere! And down for our good breakfast, very disappointed, old croissant and yesterdays bread! I got my porridge cooked in three small cups and two attempts in the microwave and my tea was warm and weak! Big disappointment! Still, I ate it all and some of dads, and back to the room for a quick rest and get ready for another day and another marathon! Prepared, packed, paid and out by 11:00. Quick video outside the van, the sun came out which was nice and I set off at 11:20 with the sat nav leading dad and dad leading me, should be interesting! All going well, I was running east on the main road to Bordeaux into the bright sun, I looked left and saw the van on a local road heading into suburbia! I ran across the grass verge, met dad he said it was this way so I followed him into a supermarket car park! A bit of mucking about and we were soon on the D650 heading north and around the Bassin d'Arcachon. All quite flat but none of it too straight which I enjoyed and dad hated! A lot less places to pull over and every half mile or so was a roundabout with direction choices! Luckily dad and I chose the same directions on every occasion, they may not have been correct but we were both going down the same roads. Unfortunately the weather had deteriorated and a spot of rain came every so often. I felt ok after the usual bedding in period, found a rhythm and bobbed along. I had a lot of hip pain in my hip at 17k that lasted 20 mins or so, at 23k behind my left knee played me up a bit and was on and off to the end, both knees ached from 12k to go to the finish, but I kept a reasonable pace and rhythm. I had no food en route and only had two lots of Clif Shot's and my first bottle change with only 8k to go! Had a fight with myself mentally on a few occasions but managed to stay focused with the help of the Ipod! It was good to listen to something again but unfortunately the only station I could get must have been a political talk show! It was actually ok, the constant conversation in French took my mind away and time passed quite quick. Finished another marathon in a place called Ares, at the northern tip of the Bassin in a time of 3'54"54 a bit quicker again! I jumped in the van and dad drove off the main road to a little car park. I had my orange, dad had bought fresh French bread and too many pastries! He knocked us up peanut butter baguettes, we sat, not in the sun unfortunately, contemplated the run and enjoyed that very special part of each day! Moment over and the problem of accommodation needed addressing! We needed somewhere we could wash and dry clothes, our van is beginning to stink with 3 big bags of sweaty running kit, even after last nights wash and dry session! We found a campsite open! Unfortunately their minimum stay was 2 nights and the price was far too much! Back in the van and looking for Hotels, we found one, le Grain de Sable, only one room remaining, 2 big radiators, big room and a big bathroom, spot on and cheap! I spoke to the lady first and instantly thought she had a sore throat and due to that was struggling to speak, she did not have a sore throat she had a problem speaking. Fortunately I realised this before saying anything. Dad walked in, heard her speak and instantly went up to her and patted her on the back! He meant well and when I said that was her voice dad did not believe me until she spoke again! We had a giggle, not at the lady's expense at dads embarrassment. All good though, we got into the room at 4:30, our kit up to the room, set about washing straight away, all done and spread around the radiators and hung every where by 6:30! Resting now, about to shower and go to find food, all I think about is eating! Another tough but pleasing day, although the weather is deteriorating and does not look good for tomorrow!

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