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Tuesday 21st February MARATHON 31

21-February-2012 22:15
in General
by Admin

Had a great dinner of grilled sole, potatoes and veg, best food so far! Legs aching and sore so iced again before bed. Very good nights sleep and up at 6:30. Legs not good, today was going to be about completion, not time! They opened up the bar early so I could have breakfast at 7:30, very nice people again. Alpen, toasted brown roll and jam and a cup of tea. Back to the room stretched off legs without any positive result so put sweats on and went for very slow run! Shin very tight and sore, calf's like rock and right hamstring solid, all good! I ran along the sea front left and reached the end in 600 metres, turned, ran right and reached the other end in 1300 metres. This place is like something out of Enid Blyton's Famous Five or actually Swallows and Amazons! Anyway very nice place with no frills! I ran up the track road for a couple of Kilometres and back to the Hotel, still as stiff! 6.25 kilometres in a very steady 43"07. Showered, packed, kit on and warmed up. Dad was on the phone to the complete family for what seemed a couple of hours wishing him a happy birthday. Quick video out the front and off we went just before 11am. Chilly morning but beautiful, I tried to concentrate on the weather rather than my legs! All up hill for the first 2k which got me going! then levelled a bit, joined the N-550 heading North this time! Legs bedded in after a while, dad was full of confidence and birthday cheer. He successfully guided us north to the junction with the N-554 Also stopping and buying Water, to replace the 6 bottles of lemonade he purchased by mistake yesterday! Fruit and some M&M's for after. We turned left and headed south west into a blazing sun, roads were good with little traffic and scenery was again stunning. We were running along a coastal road that was elevated with views of Cesantes, across Ensenada de San Simon and also of Chapela and Vigo across the vast expanse of water, Ria de Vigo! Very steady pace, right calf was my main concern with the odd stabbing pain in my left shin and right knee! Dad did great, even when he went slightly up a slip road to a motorway he calmly got out waved me towards the correct road! I headed down the road and the police passed me going the other way! Long one short they stopped the traffic and reversed dad off the slip road and got him on his way! Anyway I ran through Moana and Cangas on the south coast then north on the PO-315 past Aldan and finished up in the hills near Beluso. Completed a workman like marathon in 4'31"09. Felt great to have finished but legs shot! Cold seems to go when I am running but returns a couple of hours after? Had a quick stretch and warm down, iced for 15 minutes then set off to find accommodation and a coffee. Headed north found nothing, headed south found a cafe but no accommodation! The owner of the cafe said we had to go back to Cangas 10k further, we did and struggled to find a hotel, by chance we stumbled across Hotel Hollywood! I can assure you there is nothing Hollywood about it, but it is cheap and clean.

Just went out for Dads Birthday meal at an Italian restaurant a couple of doors away. Amazingly very good food and great service, Happy Birthday Dad. Now back at the room foam rolling my legs then icing, all great fun! 

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