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Day 25 - Training Blog 18th January 2013

21-January-2013 9:08
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Rest Day. Up at 5:45 feeling surprisingly good after another rough night! Only doing my morning run with the dogs today unfortunately on my own as Tony has to do the school run due to the weather forecast. No snow at the moment so I got ready to run, taking my time trying to judge how cold it was and if it was going to snow. My daughter wanted me to drop off at work so her car would not be stranded later if the snow came. Big fuss over nothing, I do not think we will get the heavy snow, maybe just a dusting. Dropped India off at her work as the snow started, back home as it got heavier, back to pick her up due to Nursery closing because of the heavy snow! What do I know! India wanted to run with me so she quickly kitted up and we set off in the old truck up to the woods. Not too cold but now snowing heavily. We set off after a million photos and a video taken by India. I keep saying each day is better than the last but it was better again today. Five other runners and a few hardy dog walkers out, all happy and vocal. India could run quite well but normally chooses not to. Today however, I think due to the cold kept going and kept a nice enough pace. All good through the woods, golf course and into the Park. The wind had picked up by now and we ran up the path through the park towards Watford town, into a very strong and very cold head wind blizzard. We turned at the top and run with the wind back down towards the community building and tennis courts much nicer. India, although doing really well needed a pit stop! Pit stop complete and we carried on through the park keeping left to the bottom, back along the river path, across the bridge and back up through the golf course and woods to the car park. A very enjoyable run with my daughter, not said that often! 6.7k complete in 43 minutes, steady but good. Quick stretch off then back in the truck and off for a coffee, all good. No more running today, hot bath later and hopefully a good nights sleep ahead of tomorrows run. We had planned to do an 18 mile road run but due to the snow, Guy has a 13 mile off road run now planned! Should be interesting! 64 days training left before I start 30 marathons in 30 days! Does not seem enough time!!

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