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Thursday 19th April MARATHON 97

20-April-2012 0:04
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by Admin

19th April - Day 97. Can't believe it is 97! So close to my goal but yet so far, I still have a lot to do. Three marathons to survive before I get to the start line of the worlds biggest marathon!

I woke at my normal time of 6:00, alarm not set to go off until 6:50! Dosed and got up at 6:30. My new blister annoyed me all night! It caught on the bed covers every time I moved! Legs as before, very reluctant to help me with the journey to the bathroom. Not raining but I am not doing an early run, I am not sure what is happening and when today! Paul is coming down with the next lot of shirts, I think I have a radio thing this morning but I can't quite remember! Anyway, lovely shower had to bring me back to life, best ever, and off to Breakfast. Paul turned up with the shirt for today sponsored by Fullers at 8:00, also Karen's Auntie Jean and cousin Rachel were here for a photo and interview with the Southampton echo. We all had a great breakfast, plus I had my Scotts Porridge. The Virgin people turned up, with their promotional banner. I had a quick change into my kit and good to go. Unfortunately the storm knocked out the internet here and the staff at The Pilgrim were all over the place! All eventually sorted, lots of photos taken, Fullers Cheque presented, in the rain, Virgin photos sent with the story to the Virgin web site, sounds good and all finished just before 10:00! Good job! I had a call from 3 Counties and did a quick update interview! Now 10:30 and just starting to get ready to run! Delayed again, doing letters to authorise another person to pick my number up from Exel Centre for VLM! All done, van packed, more photos taken, prepared and warmed up with another roll on Jessica, video taken, said our goodbyes to the very nice staff at the Fullers Pilgrim Inn, in the van and off to the start of today's marathon, Winchester. Weather not as bad as earlier, we stopped on a nice lane by a church. Dressed for the rain, sat nav programmed for the Premier Inn Aldershot and I set off just after 1:30pm! Worked hard through first 2k, a runner went across in front of me looking very fluent! I tried to flow a bit more but settled for my grind! Nice lane turned into the A31! The weather held through half way, I found a bit of rhythm and got to half way in 1'45"! The weather started to turn and experienced the odd shower, sun out then shower again! Dad enjoyed today, the route was completely on the A31 and his stops worked out well. Unfortunately for me, the odd driver would get as close as he could then bib at me to get off the road, very used to this now, I just cracked on! One lorry came passed, shouted something out of the window then came to a stop 100m ahead! I prepared my self for a bit of ag but instead the driver stood by his lorry and clapped! I approached and he held his hand out for me to shake. He asked if I was the bloke doing 100 marathons, said it was amazing and good luck, I thanked him as I ran on. It lifted me and I got a bit choked! What am I going to be like with a crowd! I thought about it a lot and without knowing, my pace quickened. 10k to go and the heavens opened! I completed marathon 97 on the A31 in the pouring rain just before Aldershot in a time of 3'32'13, my second fastest time! All good, dad and I had a quick chat, I thanked him for doing this with me and putting up with my stress when the pain hit! I jumped in the van, had my orange as dad drove to the Premier Inn. Checked in, had a great hot bath and felt much better. Late start so straight in to eat, Andy was due at 8:30 for a much needed leg and hip massage! Food was poor, chicken salad not as good as the Brighton Premier, pie was old and service was poor! Andy turned up and lightly hurt me a lot but it felt great, a few areas were not touched, just commented on, "we will talk about those bits next week" I have said I do not want to know about what he can't treat now! All done, Andy and Jamie headed home, thanks again, I got the ice out and cooled all the areas that had just been punished! Dad did the washing then promptly fell asleep with Placido I think! Another day done, the last marathon on my own and 97 chalked up! Still two more to do so not there yet! Had a text from Karen Latham, we all said goodbye to Phil 2 years ago today! A reminder of why I am doing this.

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