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Tuesday 20th March MARATHON 62

20-March-2012 20:25
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by Admin

20th March - Day 67. Up too early with a few pains, dosed then got up at 6:30. Right hip and left achilles area still a problem! Tripped over my kit in the dark, fell against the door, dad shouted, I apologised but he did not answer, just carried on snoring! Struggled to get going but left for my run at 7:05. It was a lovely crisp clear morning, from the hotel I ran south through the village past the church and out towards the lake. Not a soul about until I reached the lake and met a runner coming down the track towards me, bounding along, I did my best but failed at trying to look like a runner! The tarmac is tough enough to look good running when my legs feel like they are made of wood and nothing reacts to my instruction, but on an uneven track I looked like one of the pythons doing the ministry of funny walks sketch! Anyway the sun rising over the lake was great and made me forget how I looked and felt. I ran up the track and round the lake and through the woods, turned and ran back down the track to the entrance road. Running in the woods on a track was very nice and reminded me of home, running through West Herts golf course with my dogs Barney and Ace and my old mate Tony. I am looking forward to that on my return but it still seems a long way off! Back through the village, 4 bakers open and smelling great but no cafe's! Still painful but enjoyable 6.2k in 48? minutes. Up quick shower and down to breakfast just after 8am. Strange to be in France with everyone in here speaking Italian! Quite a scary young woman served us breakfast, I asked for my porridge to be cooked and she looked like I had just insulted her in the worst way possible! Fortunately one of the Italian guests spoke perfect English and he explained to her what I wanted and why, she turned to me and smiled with the most angelic look on her face and disappeared with my porridge! She returned with the porridge and the smile then turned to another guest, the fierce look returned and she let rip at him! The breakfast was great and even if it was not I would not have told her! All good we walked next door and got 3 slices of ham, across the road and got 2 baguettes, all for later. Very enjoyable stroll with dad, not the best village but it was growing on me. A load of roadworks going on again though, all the villages seem to be having their centres pedestrianised? The hotel Les Italians, was not the best at all but the restaurant was true Italian and very good. Packed, paid, loaded and on my way by 11:16. Dad was pleased the route went in the sat nav first time and looked ok. We somehow lost our map of this area yesterday so it was just follow the sat nav and whatever happened, happened! All went well until the last 10k when we seemed to go round in circles! The run was very pleasant, the first 3k everything hurt then settled down. I ran on cycle paths for much of the run which I enjoy more than running on the roads round here. The drivers do not move over one inch if there is a path to run on, even if there is no traffic coming. I had a slight run in with one driver who gave me no room and had a go as he passed, I had a go back, he screeched to a halt and reversed up to me as I carried on running whilst explaining as calmly as I could, when the red mist descended, that I could not get to the path across the ditch and suggested he got on his way to where he was going and enjoyed the rest of his day! He did and I carried on and at the earliest opportunity joined the cycle path! On with the run, I ran past the biggest sand dune and yes it is very big and very sandy! Dad had not stopped so no photos taken! Dad said he did not notice the 300 foot high mound of sand! Knees and right hip started to hurt  at 30k and did not ease up! Still another marathon finished just before Arcachon In a time of 4'02"24 I slowed again in the last 12k, but I did feel better and at times relaxed and flowed nicely. Had my orange, dad made ham and peanut butter baguettes, very nice by the way, we both sat with the back door up of the van in the sun and enjoyed the moment! We found a cafe had a coffee, dad had a fit at the price, over 4 euro's a cup! And then on to find accommodation. A bit of a job but we have found another dive of a hotel that has a very nice man running it and is cheap, so all good. Had a great bath, the tiles fell off the wall and into the bath but apart from that, good. Iced and now going down to try the restaurant! 62 in 67 and another make up nearly done!

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