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Friday 20th January MARATHON 7

20-January-2012 17:10
in General
by Admin

Well, I never thought I would say it, but bring back the plastic play house, the van was freezing! All started good, van warm and very comfortable. I think we must of assumed it would remain that way and dressed for a warmer night than the Plastic Palace! Went straight off to sleep without a snore to be heard, at 3am I found out the worse cramp in the world last night had just been eclipsed! Dad got up walked about outside and settled on the front seat for the night, I said it would be colder but he knew best, half our later he was back in bed looking like the Michelin Man! I was also very cold so added layers and zipped myself up. Still a bit cold but managed to sleep on and off until 6:30. Pitch black out, went and had a very hot shower in the dark! Felt much better and settled for porridge and a banana for breakfast with a nice cup of tea. Dad got the portion sizes a bit wrong and we could have fed an army. We will get it right sooner or later. Did a warm up and felt generally rough. Thighs still a problem but also knees and right buttock very stiff and aching inside, I think it was the cold. Set off at 9:40 running from the camp site up to the main road and passed my finishing point from yesterday. On the map it looked easy to follow, which it was. For the first time I cannot think of one enjoyable moment during the run! I was in pain from the first step to the last, there were only 3 different roads but they were all the same, straight, flat and windy with no views! The roads were however very empty until Eddie Stobarts complete fleet came past me in convoy! It must have lasted 10 minutes forcing me onto the dirt siding. Anyway I ran through Melides again, Caveira, Pinheiro da Cruz on the N261 past Carvalhal and Torre then right at

Comporta on to the N253 past Moitinha and finished near Murta. Unspectacular and painful from start to finish! 3'56"51, Still a good time. Did my warm down found a cafe for a drink and an omelette and suggested we look for a camp site. At this point I had mutiny, my dad point blank refused! Said he was concerned for my well being and he needed a good nights sleep in a warm room and that he was paying! I was quite pleased but protested anyway but

politely gave in. We pulled up to a big complex with Spa, gymnasium and good looking restaurant! They would not accept us for one night and we are now in a room above a bar restaurant with no heating! Still we have a bath and

shower and hopefully hot water! I still do not feel great so we decided I should take a nap and dad was going to go and get some milk. Dad is now asleep snoring and I am writing this and about to go and get some milk so we can have a nice cup of English tea! After saying yesterday that after each run I could not remember the pain, I can today!


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