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Wednesday 18th April MARATHON 96

19-April-2012 9:00
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by Admin

18th April - Day 96. Thank you all very much for all your facebook and Twtter messages. I cannot reply to you at the moment but I really appreciate getting them, it makes it all seem more worth the effort to get your support.

Slept well, woke at 6:00 back to sleep up at 6:45. I do not need to say it but, my legs are in bits! No run due to the fact that my legs did not fancy it, the weather is dreadful and I have a Heart FM interview at 7:40! Lovely shower taken, stretched hip and hamstrings and ready to go. Quick interview over, Dan Fox said I can afford to be cocky now I am this far into the challenge, I have 5 more marathons to do in the next 5 days, still a lot left to do, I think, I am certainly not counting my chickens before they are out of the bush! Dan was very positive about the cause and the donations required, so I hope the people that heard it might dig behind the sofa and donate a few pounds! Anyway on with the leg stretching and massaging then to breakfast. Good breakfast and my Porridge cooked. The girls that served us last night had left a message of good luck on the chalk board and a donation, thank you Emma, Marie and Connie and all the staff at the Hampshire Hog Fullers Inn. On the way to the room, dad found someone to have a chat with! Great fella, he was getting his car serviced next door and popped in for breakfast. He then got attacked by dad and made a very kind donation, thank you. Back in the room, very hot, all rads on full drying our washing! More massaging, stretching and a good roll on Jessica. Weather is looking grim! Clothes choice today is definitely wet weather. Dad started reading a newspaper article from yesterdays Mail, page 49. Stop being a wimp, Pain is good for you. Thanks dad!! Feeling like a wimp now, I kitted up and got ready to go, still had the route to plan aimed at finish at the Virgin shop in Southampton. All packed up ready to go and change of plan! we are now finishing at the Fullers Inn and Virgin are coming to us in the morning! Very wet and cold start, quick video remembered and we set off just before midday. Stiff as a board, knees hurt from the first step. The first half was all through country lanes, great views, when it was not persisting down with rain, not too much traffic and not too bad. I had number 6 shoes on today, the first time for over a week, unfortunately they have worn out and caused blisters! I stopped for a quick pit stop at 13k, applied blister plaster to my right foot on the side of the ball! All good and off again. I got to half way feeling ok apart from both knees aching with the odd stabbing pain, in 1'43, again quicker than I thought. The second half was probably the least enjoyable of all my runs so far! The rain, the traffic and the pain all got worse. We ran through nice villages that were bumper to bumper traffic! Dad could not keep ahead of me to show me the way, when he could get going it was on major roads that he could not stop on! A good few words exchanged between us, all out of frustration and pain. The weather progressively got worse, I was very pleased to reach the marathon distance on a horrible duel carriageway, full of traffic, lashing with rain and blowing a gail! Marathon running time, 3'42"10. I jumped in the van after quick post run video, dad drove to the Pilgrim Inn in Hythe. We checked in and met our friends Penny and John De costa who had made the not so short journey from Brentwood specially to see us! We sat, had a quick coffee and catch up, then to the room for a very nice, very hot and much needed shower. Great room, thanks again Fullers. However I am not sure this is not just a test for me, to go into two fullers pubs on consecutive nights, be surrounded by London Pride and not have any! We met back up with Penny and John for dinner, very hungry now! Nice meal had, Pork and Black pudding to start followed by steak and chips, still hungry! Had a lovely dollop of Eaton Mess for pudding, still hungry, and a cappuccino. Penny and John presented me with a fantastic donation cheque, thank you both very much for coming so far to see us and for the great donation. A customer had overheard an earlier conversation, came over and gave me £20! To top it off Penny and John paid for dinner, if I had known I would have ordered more! Good evening had and time to go. Said our thank you's and goodbyes, dad went to the room and I went to the bar to get ice! While I was there the hunger got the better of me and I ordered half a chicken to have in the room! I can't help it, I need fuel! Back to the room, watched the second half of the Chelsea Barca game, predicted correctly by me, shame I did not put a bet on apparently 5:1! Anyway, chicken consumed followed by two kitkat's and still hungry! Iced right thigh and ready for bed just before 11:00, should do washing but need to sleep! Marathon 96 chalked up, 3 plus London to go! 13 years ago today my old mate Neil Sullivan died in a car crash on his 36th Birthday, I normally pop up to Garston for 5 mins but obviously could not today. I think a fair few people reading this knew him well as did Phil, so I had a quiet raised glass tonight, only water which Neil would find amusing, to Phil who passed away on the 6th April and Neil. Thank you to yesterdays shirt sponsor Calypso? your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you also to The Price Group, today's shirt sponsor. Charlie, thank you and your team for your persistent tweeting for exposure, greatly appreciated along with your very generous donation.  

Fullers, Virgin and the local press are coming here in the morning, so could be a late start to the 97th but 1st marathon that is heading home!

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