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Day 27 - Marathon 27 - 18th April 2013

18-April-2013 22:45
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Day 27 18th April, Caldecote to Cardiff General Hospital


I was away this day last year and missed my visit to pay my respects to Neil Sullivan who died in a car crash 14 years ago today on his 36 birthday. Thinking of you and still hear you saying "everybody happy" will be about next year.


To bed a bit late, struggled to sleep, dads noises, room too hot and my worries prevented a good nights sleep! Up in the endat 6:30, right Achilles area very swollen and sore, also I felt empty. Still got to keep on keeping on as I tell myself, tough or easy I have got to get it done. Gentle stretch of my now very tired body, hobble to the bathroom getting more entertaining, great shower, now feeling more human, radiator turned up to dry washing, woke dad with the heat and down to breakfast. Porridge, 2 toast a bowl of fruit and a pastry consumed and back to the room. Struggling with my calf! Good prep done, all jollop applied, kit on, packed up and hiked to the car a mile away in the car park! All good, checked out and on our way to the start point in Caldicote. Route looks simple and quite good if we can get it in sat nav, only problem is the westerly head wind! Unbelievably the route planned on sat nav quite easy, good sign. Quick video and photo taken, dad in a good frame of mind and seemingly very tuned in, which sometimes he is not! And we set off just before 10:30 bang on time. Head down against the very strong head wind working hard for the first 2k protecting my calf/achilles as much as possible and settled in to a 4"40 pace. The odd sharp pain but managed, working overtime against the wind to get to 10k in 47 minutes. The calf/achilles gradually got worse, the very small hills were becoming a problem! Still, I was getting there and dad was navigating the not as simple route as we thought very well. We came off the main A48 onto the B roads giving me a bit of shelter from the wind occasionally, which was nice. What was not nice was the closed road and diversion back on to the A48 after nearly 2 miles! Things just got worse after that, it somehow rained without any clouds being about, the wind got stronger, my calf/achilles got increasingly painful and a flat foot very short stride running style adopted that protected my calf/achilles a bit but made everything else hurt! Dad however mastered the navigation with great command, getting us through a lot of busy junctions and more closed roads, must get TomTom updated, and to the slightly out, completion point just before the hospital. I think the hardest and probably least enjoyable, marathon 27 complete in 3'30"45. Thanks to today's shirt sponsor The Price Group and a massive thank you to Charlie Price for your great support, great promotion of Run30 and of course your fantastic donation. Speak soon. Hobbled the rest of the way to the Hospital, missed the signs for the Childrens Hospital but all met up on the Teenage Cancer Unit. Another stunning place with great staff and of course the Teenage Cancer Trust fundraisers, Laura Scowen (Regional Fundraiser), Elizabeth Mcguire (Volunteer fundraiser). I was shown round by nurse Sally, who introduced me to a few patients and their families in the great lounge while they were watching Friends. I think every unit we visited has a box set and every hotel has it on, my daughter watches it constantly and I seem to see a new episode everytime? Anyway, lovely people, all had great things to say about Teenage Cancer Trust, a good few photos taken and a great chat with all the doctors and nurses, signed their board and we were done. Thank you for sparing me your precious time, it is a privilege to meet you all, see the great Teenage Cancer Trust Units and get a chance to speak to the families. Well, on my way now, again reminded of why I am doing this. Down to the van with dad in a touch of a panic due to parking restrictions! Costa and sandwich purchased and we were on our way back to Woolley Grange, 57 miles away! Dad drove as I slept in the back, touch! Now in the room, hot bath taken, ice session with legs elevated complete, 2 ground steak burgers consumed and now back to the ice before Voltarol and bed! Washing done and drying on the hottest radiator in the word and dad fast asleep. I have to remind myself he is 85! He works very hard every day and deserves a medal to put up with me! So that's it for another day, 27 down 3 to go! Very concerned about my calf/achilles, I suppose something had to give! Very swollen, sore and very restricted movement! I do not think my wheels have totally fallen off but my nuts are definitely loose! I have not and will not give up though, I would have liked a grand finally with great times but getting over the line is what's required. Good luck to all taking part in the London Marathon, I hope your preparations are going as planned and you have a great day. Goodnight.

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