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Tuesday 17th April MARATHON 95

18-April-2012 9:46
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by Admin

17th April - Day 95. Good nights sleep, I woke at 6:00 but stayed in bed listening to the rain and wind outside! Eventually up at 7:00, knocked the early run on the head again today, it looks like I am going to get very wet today so I need all the dry kit I have! Tried to stretch out hip without stretching my thigh, not easy! I have a BBC3Counties radio interview at 7:40 so leaving breakfast till 8:00 and running put back to 11:00. Might help miss the bad weather, it could turn out bright and sunny with no wind by then! Phone rang early from BBC3C, did a quick interview, hope I got the message of how to donate and how needed they are! Dads phone rang while I was speaking, it was Heart Fm, how's your luck! Rob due to be with us just after 8:00 with the next 2 sponsored shirts. Great breakfast for all 3 of us, proper full English and of course my porridge and honey. Quick catch up with Rob, he left, we went to pay for breakfast and they would not accept a penn) and we returned to the room. The weather started to brighten up, so dad took the opportunity to sort the van out and get rid of some rubbish while I got ready, stretched and had a long roll on Jessica. My right hip had tightened up again and was very tender! All done, kitted up, leggings and new SKINS top on, very strange, van loaded, quick photo with Bob and Jane The owners of The Aldwick Hotel. Very nice place, very nice people, well worth a visit. A bit flustered and a bit late we set off without the normal pre start video! Our route today was from Aldwick to Clanfield via Chichester, Havant and Waterlooville. Avoiding the A27, A3 and definitely the A3(M)! Weather looking good, after first 4k I felt good so bobbed along and tried to enjoy the ride! Had to do a bit of A27 then joined A259 and followed to Havant. Not bad going, legs a bit stiff but pain at quite a low level. I reached half way in 1'43" a bit quicker than I planned but it was very flat and I had a good rhythm. Dad had done well ignoring the sat nav and sticking to our plan. A bit tricky through Havant and the sat nav finally got to dad! Quick stop to re set sat nav and away again all good to the roundabout under the A3(M). Dad had a mad 20 minutes! Dad went ahead across the roundabout and under the A3(M), I followed, popped out the other side and headed west along the B2177, no sign of the van, I took a look behind me at the roundabout and there was the van parked on the roundabout by the A3(M) access road and dad walking round it! I called, managed to get his attention and waved at him to go round and follow me up the road I was on. Head down into a very strong head wind, I cracked on. At this point my pain level was rising and my calves, mainly my right, started to ping and feel insecure! No sign of dad! I reached shelter from the wind as I approached housing, turned and started to run back, dad appeared so I turned and fought my way again against the head wind! Dad came along side, looked white as a sheet and explained he did not know it was a roundabout so he reversed back round against the traffic an eventually headed up this road! I explained how I thought that was not the best thing to do as I still need the van for a few more days! Instructed again to just follow sat nav but dad was now flustered, we went every where! I would follow, dad would go ahead, dad would come back, I would turn round, dad would turn left then re appear before I got to the turning, back on my road and then take the next left! Dad eventually calmed down, slowed down and guided me to the completion of marathon 95 2 miles south of Clanfield. Relieved to have finished with both of us, and the van, in one piece! Running time, 3'42"32. Quick orange then off to the Fullers Inn in Clanfield, paid for very kindly by Fullers, thank you. One hour later we found it! The address is not where it is shown on their direction map! Booked in, very nice, up to the room and in a hot bath, very nice. Very long soak then up changed and down to eat. No food after the run so starving! Pate to start, followed by a very full steak pie and mash, spot on. Unfortunately still hungry so ordered Egg Noodle and Vegetable stir fry, fantastic. I did however feel a touch bloated so I waited a few minutes to order my Apple Crumble and a Cappuccino! I had a call from Hillary of Affinity Villas, one of our main sponsors. Hillary had seen on the web site that our van here and within 5 minutes of her house! Very good catch up, told I looked well but skinny, not too bad a comment. We discussed my team, dad, and the lack of a full time physio. On the phone Hillery tried all the local sports people she knew in the hope they might know someone who could get here now to massage my legs! Very good effort but no cigar! Good long chat then time to go. Thanks for your great effort and support. Back to the room and ice! All done, dad did the washing and in bed I think with Katherine! And I finished report and in bed by midnight! Still, another one chalked up! It is now hammering down outside and blowing a gale!

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