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Wednesday 18th Jan MARATHON 5

18-January-2012 21:13
in General
by Admin

Following last nights report we had a few events. We ate and decided to get to bed early. I put ice packs on my thighs and started to run a nice hot bath as I thought it might be my last chance! Long story short, I went outside the door locked behind me, I set off the van alarm trying to find the spare front door key, due to the bath running I tried to brake in without success, Ben from Luz Management was called out to let me in, just caught the bath before overflowing, put Tiger Balm on my legs and on my phone headset earpiece and spent the night with red hot legs and left ear!

On to today, felt ill when I woke and struggled to eat breakfast so set off. After a great stay in Luz, to start the 5th marathon in Milfontes and ending in Sines. After a few visits to the varied bathrooms on route I set off at about 11:50 from yet another stunning Atlantic view. Right thigh very painful from the start but hopefully Ipod sorted! Ipod not sorted, not jumping to different books but still random chapter selection! I found the going very tough and with 10k to go my right bum cheek started to hurt followed by my right knee and calf! Got through to finish in 3'50"03 still not bad but legs in bits! I am foam rollering my thighs and IT band tonight Had a quick dip in the sea after and soaked up the sun. Very hot all day. Now in a camp site staying in a hard plastic tent! A bit like a kids play house! About to try the showers and attempt to eat, still feel dodge!

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