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Friday 17th February MARATHON 28

17-February-2012 20:42
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Up at 6:00, after a restless night, dad won the snoring competition so I could not get off to sleep then woke worrying about today after a such a good day yesterday! Shin stiff along with both calf's! Down to breakfast at 7:30, actually along as it was on the first floor. The view from the breakfast room was stunning, it was of Spain in the warm morning sunshine. Our hotel restaurant however was freezing, we had to go back to our room and get sweatshirts!  Dad did not like anything about the breakfast, the room, the hotel, the situation of the hotel and most importantly the cleaners, not as good as the last one! Anyway, not the best breakfast consumed and back to the room to try and massage my legs as Andy showed me, not going to be easy! It was not easy but did the best I could, calf's felt looser, IT band felt tight but it always has so normal and thighs just felt a bit dead. Did my stretches and body work in the room then set off for my warm up run. As we left the Hotel Charles Small, the chap we met yesterday, pulled up and wished me well for the day and asking how he could donate. Which was nice. I set off south to the next village called Moledo,  turned round and jogged back. Nice little run a bit chilly to start but again clear skies and bright sunshine. Legs felt heavy and shin unfortunately a bit sore! 5k in 30 odd minutes, unfortunately I did not feel as good as I did yesterday! Back to the hotel, packed up the last bits from the room while dad was catching some rays on the balcony, paid our bill and left by 10.50. Did our normal photo shoot at the front of the Hotel, I did not say but we drove south after yesterdays run from Seixas back to Caminha.  A much bigger town with a lot more going on. I am a big fan of the Western Algarve but I have to say, the west coast all the way up to the North has some great villages, towns and city's with unbelievable scenery. Caminha is set on the mouth of the estuary facing north west and the opposing northern Spain. Again well worth a visit, there is a lot more to Portugal than just the Algarve. However Western Algarve is definitely worth a visit too, Lagos, Luz and Burgau in particular!

Back to the run, I set off heading north towards Seixas 6k in and I passed the finish point of yesterdays marathon, unfortunately my shin was starting to hurt, nothing major just a nag. I followed the N13 up towards Valenca past Lanhelas to Vila de Cerveira, the traffic was heavier, the weather hotter and my body in more pain! It was not a good run from start to finish, apart from the amazing views and great weather. I could not find a rhythm, my left calf tightened, my left foot hurt and my shin went from an annoying pain to a biting pain! We crossed the bridge just past Cerveira, left Portugal behind and entered Spain! Not feeling great at this point my patience had evaporated and unfortunately when dad got his lefts and rights a touch mixed up with the sat nav telling him right which was wrong, we had a few words! All ok after a brief travelling team talk, we carried on left towards A Guardia on the N552 and not Right to Valenca! The sun for the second half of the run was in my face and very warm. Had a quick loo and food stop for 4 minutes at 26k then off again. At this point all the pain seemed to hit at once! I had to slow down, shorten my stride and hope it would ease! It took a good 45 minutes but I found running at 6:50 pace per k, hurt the least. I think it was a combination of injury and fatigue from yesterday that made things tough. I ran through and turned left just before A Guardia and down to the ferry port facing Caminah. Then up and round the headland through the small villages and the brickworks and re joined the N552 heading north through the nice busy town of A Guardia and out the other side. Approaching the finish I spotted a nice looking Hostel, I ran a further 3k into the hills and the finish. Marathon distance in 4'29"3? Unfortunately my shin was too sore to do a further warm down run so settled for my normal routine. In the van, kit off, quick dry down and change then ice on shin and leg up while eating loads of fruit, felt good, another one done. A 4x4 stopped facing us and a man got out and came over, I thought at first he may have been an irate driver dad may have cut up when stopping with no notice or signal! It was however a very nice chap called Miguel who spoke good English. He said he had seen me running through the town and was interested in what was going on. After a brief conversation, a few photos and web sites exchanged he left saying he would put a link on his site and explain our cause to the people of the town which was nice.

Back to the town and the Hostel we ran past, coffee and some sort of cake pastry and room booked. Looked ok for a 1 star but on further inspection, actually very nice, the room is basic but warm and clean with a bath and hot water. Restaurant looks good so will try a bit later. I think the single star must be for something else! Now sitting on my bed with ice on my shin! Hopefully ok tomorrow, there is no red showing and not really any swelling, it is a bit thicker just above the ankle and that seems to be restricting the tendons that go to the foot and causing the biting pain! Still 3 days left after today of antibiotics so if any infection still there that should sort it. Leg up, ice, ibuprofen and hope for the best!

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