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Day 23 - Training Blog 16th January 2013

17-January-2013 14:21
in General
by Admin


Day 23 - Training Blog
16th January 2013

Unfortunately my night was not great! My feeling unwell resulted in a very rough night not feeling great and visiting the bathroom on more than one occasion. Up at 5:30 not feeling as bad as last night but very weak and dehydrated. A cup of tea and a walk outside deciding whether it was a good idea to run or not. I am afraid I decided against running and f...or trying some toast, to get on with the day and see how I feel later. Busy day but still feeling very weak, cold and have a dull head ache! Looks like today will become a rest day. Now 10pm and after a few tries at convincing myself a run would be good for me I gave up and watched the football and promptly fell asleep! Rest day.

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