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Day 25 - Marathon 25 - 16th April 2013

16-April-2013 22:07
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Day 25 16th April 2013, Southampton University Hospital To Salisbury

Very nice meal last night, chicken, peas, green beans and tagliatellle, spot on. Very tired so up to the room, washing done, TV on could not believe what I was watching! Why would anyone would want to bomb a group of people raising money for all types of charity, remembering loved ones and from all different backgrounds and religions rich and poor. Routine complete and to bed at 11:30 but struggled to go off thinking about Boston. Eventually a very good nights sleep, up at 6:00 hit the snooze and eventually up at 6:30. Gentle stretch, legs generally aching and left thigh tight. Quick shower, clothes on, down to the reception and taxi waiting. Got a call from BBC 3 Counties and did a quick on air conversation about Boston and the possible effects on London and a bit about how I am getting on. Now at BBC Solent and in with Julian Clegg. Right nice bloke, a few photos taken then on air again talking about Boston, the marathon people as a community and the effects on the London Marathon this Sunday. In there a while and second on air section Julian kindly asked about my challenge and promoted Teenage Cancer Trust well, so thank you Julian and BBC Solent. I walked back to the hotel as it did not seem far in the cab, however one wrong left turn and it became my morning workout! Quick breakfast, porridge and 2 toast and a bowl of fruit with 2 cups of tea. Just finished by 8:30, a bit rushed but still on time. Sat a while to let it go down then up to the room, prep done, running low on Tiger Balm, kit on, packed up and checked out by 9:45. Need to be at Southampton University Hospital to meet Teenage Cancer Trust and I think a local paper at 10:00. No problem with dad and the door on the way out, they opened the side door in preparation! Thanks to the Mercure Dolphin Hotel, very nice and very friendly. Now on our way, we caught every light and arrived 5 minutes late! All good though we parked up and met Beth from Teenage Cancer Trust outside the main entrance. Teenage Cancer Trust are building a new unit at Southampton General so greatly need funds and exposure. Southampton Echo did not show! But Beth was on hand with a state of the art camera and asked dad to take photo's! Not the best idea but after an hour or two of instruction dad could stand at the correct distance and press the button, occasionally a bit too hard and took a few photos at once, not a problem but after the first click the camera was on the way down whilst still clicking! All actually went well, we were joined by Louise, lead nurse for Teenage Cancer Trust and Holly, nurse specialist. Very nice people again, great chat about the new unit, the need for funds and the patients and families. Photos over, start video complete and we said our goodbyes. Dad and me in the van to set the route from there to Salisbury Cathedral. Surprisingly went well and after a bit of final prep and a talk to myself to get me out of the van and running, I left at about 11am. A bit of a tough start for dad through the back streets of Southampton and eventually out towards the New Forest. All good all flat and quite quick. Aches and pains bedded in by 6k and 10k reached in 45 minutes! A bit quick but I felt ok so went with it. The planned route was flat'ish I thought but this route was not! Through the New Forest we climbed and seemed to keep climbing. My mind fell apart and my body gave up at 14k. Worked extremely hard with all my mind games but struggled to half way in 1'38. Everything became easier after that, I relaxed, stopped clenching my fists and found a rhythm. Lovely route all the way with only a few busy sections. The sun came out and was very warm, I was kitted up for colder weather so sweated a lot which I think helped my body and I completed a surprisingly enjoyable marathon, 42.23k in 3'17"03, quite quick, my second quickest non race marathon of the last 25 days! The sun was now very hot and I was a touch dehydrated, dad was happy with another faultless lead roll and all good. Quick change after finish photo and video, sat nav set for our bed for the night at Bradford-on Avon at a place called Woolley Grange part of the Luxury Family Hotels, who were also our shirt sponsors today. Thank you, very appreciated. I fell asleep in the back and dad got us here without a problem. Checked in to a lovely old Mansion House with annex bedroom blocks, very nice buildings in lovely grounds, I fell asleep again and dad went for a walk. Just finished dinner, steak and veg, very nice, dad now asleep in the communal drawing room while I finish my report. Now off back to the room to finish the washing, do some icing, have a hot bath and get to bed early'ish. Tomorrow I have the Clifton team joining me running in relay, 6.5 miles each. Should be fun, I am looking forward to running with someone again. Dad now snoring loudly so best I go. Goodnight and again please tell as many people as possible about Teenage Cancer Trust and my little run and if possible please donate. Thank you, 25 down 5 to go!

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