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Day 21 - Training Blog 14th January 2013

16-January-2013 22:02
in General
by Admin


After a tough weekend I felt a bit dodgy yesterday afternoon, a bit light headed and no energy! A bit of a sleep late afternoon and an early night and hopefully good to go this morning. Up at 5:30, Snow! Not a shock as it was forecast and is not too bad. Unfortunately I feel shattered, my legs are dead, behind my left knee is sore and cramps when I lift my heel up! Right knee and IT band tight and sore and lower back aches plus a stomach ache, perfect! Decided on a cup of tea and 2 granary toast before doing anything. Cleaned snow off vehicles, kitted up, quick and not too successful warm up, dogs in the van and off to the woods for a very steady 10k. Did not feel like running at all but once out of the van and a few deep breaths of the cold quiet air and off I went into the snow covered woods. Apart from everything objecting to moving, the fresh air, the snow on the trees and the paths made it ok. I ran the perimeter path of Whippendell then across the golf course, after the steep hill, and down to the bridge over the Grand Union and into the park. Lots of happy people about! A bit of snow and everyone seemed happier, all good. My aches and pains did not really go away and I finished a very steady 10.72k run in 1'02" including photo stops. A good stretch off in the car park and back in the truck feeling invigorated. Body still not feeling good though and not looking forward to this evenings run! Just a thought, this time last year I was in the Algarve, Lagos to be precise, very sunny and about to start my first marathon of my 100 marathons in 100 days! Where has that year gone? and here I am again! When I feel like this, not good, it is hard to imagine how I can get back the mind set and physical strength to do any back to back marathons! Still, positive thinking, remembering what I am doing it for and a lot more training and we will get there. Unfortunately we will not be getting there today! Now 8pm, late home from work, behind left knee becoming a bigger problem! Icing all evening and no running, hopefully ok for a morning 10k run with Tony. Just got to keep on keeping on!

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