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Day 19 - Training Blog 12th January 2013

16-January-2013 22:00
in General
by Admin


Nice fresh morning, a bit overcast though! Run with Tony planned at 8:30, back good breakfast and off with GVH at 12;30 for Chiltern cross country in Luton at 2pm.

Back, left hip and right buttock still a bit stiff and a bit sore! Missed back appointment with Premier Osteopathy yesterday, work got in the way! Hot bath and a few ice packs had to do. Quick warm up and kitted up nice and warm, dogs loaded in the old truck and off to Whippendell. Set off, legs stiff and a bit sore, slow start and colder than I thought! Legs felt better by the park, lots of runners in their new christmas running kits along with the normal crowd of dog walkers. Good mornings going well, varied and diverse conversation with Tony, all good. For the first time this year I saw the Military Fitness groups out in Cassiobury Park, very good turn, out three big groups, all looked knackered! Anyway nice steady morning loosener complete, 6.58k 39"41. Nice stretch off and back in the van. we went straight to the Deli in kings Langley for a Coffee and Chocolate Croissant. Spot on, a few jobs done with Tony and back home for porridge, banana and toast followed by a very hot bath to get my back moving! Picked up the GV lads and off to Luton. The race is up by the airport, very windy and very cold! Quick trot round the 3k course to see what it was like, very muddy was my conclusion! A lot of people in the race and most quicker than me. First lap very tough but decent pace, second lap a bit slower and 3rd lap picked up as much as I could. 9k complete in 34'40ish, I forgot to press my watch when going over the finish! Very tough but very enjoyable, my back was ok, hamstrings a bit tight, I think only due to the heavy going. All the lads did very well and put in a good shift. Tent packed up, now freezing again so into the hall for a coffee and a rock cake. Absolutely spot on! About to get in a very hot bath and stretch off, hopefully making me feel ok for the 16 miler with Guy and Vince planned for 8:30 in the morning. Guy has said it will be at conversation pace! I hope there's a lot of talking. Training day 19 complete, time is passing fast, 23rd of March does not seem far away!!

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