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Monday 16th Jan MARATHON 3

16-January-2012 18:56
in General
by Admin

Finished 3rd marathon at 2pm. 3 down 97 to go!

Started from yesterdays finish point which was half way up a mountain! The first 2k was up hill, I warmed up very quickly my legs took a little longer. Again fantastic scenery but weather was overcast and drizzle. 10k in and legs felt better, I had good energy levels and got to half way feeling remarkably ok. Weather improved and it got very warm, feet started to hurt a bit and Thighs started to stiffen just over half way. Just me and dad now so a bit concerned but all went well on the water bottle change overs and Clif shots up to this point. Ran from start point near Cairo through Barranco da Vaca, up on the N120 through Aljezur, nice place! Carried on up the 120 through Rogil, had a few close shaves with big lorries! I mostly run with the traffic which I know is wrong but my injured ankle prefers the camber from right to left! I swap over when the roads are a bit too narrow and on dangerous bends. Anyway, followed the 120 up through Odeceixe and up and up and up, seemed never ending to Sao Teotomie then turned left at the roundabout towards Zambujeira do Mar. I completed the marathon distance near the junction to Sardanito.

Completed marathon distance in 3'53"19 still under 4 but getting slower! Had my bad moment at 26k to 33k, my dad stopped on a steep and winding section to make sure I was ok with the traffic, I was ok with the traffic but in

need of some fluids and food. He waved at me and drove off into the distance! I caught up with him after another 6k! I politely explained at the top of my voice what I felt was wrong with his actions, he copped the hump

and drove off again leaving me with no food or drink! Eventually got it sorted and we discussed his actions through the window of the van for most of the remaining kilometres! Other road users were not too pleased! All ok now, sorry dad for my language! Had a good warm down as instructed by Andy Gall last night and ate well straight away. Also had some nuts when I felt a bit dodge on the run and that worked well, thanks to the twitterer who suggested that last night.


Now 5pm going to bed for a couple of hours.


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