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Day 23 - Marathon 23 - 14th April 2013

15-April-2013 8:40
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Day 23 14th April Brighton Marathon


Not a bad nights sleep, up at 5:45, legs very sore from yesterdays hills! Very excited about today, want to have a good run but do not want to push too hard as I have to run to Southampton tomorrow! Quick stretch and hobble to the bathroom. Unfortunately all my clothes have not dried, no radiator just a very poor air con thing! Compression leggings being the biggest concern as I only have one pair! Still keep positive it is going to be a wonderful weather day, shorts will be fine! Quick shower and to breakfast at 6am'ish! Struggled to eat anything, back to the room, routine all over the shop, train to Preston Park at 7:07 we got to station at 7:10! No problem next train 7:26. Ticket bought, train caught, packed, walked to the park, started to rain, went straight in a porta loo, did not realise the queue was massive and I walked round from the back and straight in! All good, a bit tight but not too messy, if you know what I mean! All lotions applied and of course the vaseline! Left the loo and realised I had jumped the line, sorry. Over to the bag drop, got changed and ready to go. Met Seamus, another runner for Teenage Cancer Trust I met last night. All packed and bags dropped, we walked to the front of the Red start and fortunately the rain stopped. Set off and a bit of a bun fight to find a gap and a steady pace, a bit of weaving and then settled down to a comfortable but a bit too quick 4:20/k pace. Very enjoyable run round the centre of Brighton then out East along the front and into the wind! Left thigh tightened on the first hill out of the park but still good enough. Nice chat for most of the first 19k with Seamus, not up the hills though, dug in a bit to keep pace without working too hard. Seamus stopped for a pit stop so I cracked on found a but of rhythm heading west back into the town with the wind behind. The weather picked up and the sun came out, all good, joints happier. My pace was picking up without too much effort so I went with it while I could, Half way in 1:31 by my watch and feeling ok. Great support from round the course, the two Teenage Cancer Trust areas very vocal and great to see and hear the Gade Valley Harriers support crew out at various points cheering on all the GVH runners. Now quite warm and enjoying the day I kept on with the pace, felt ok so why not. Now picking people off at quite a rate but I was not getting quicker, others were dropping off. Out to the power station turn and now wind in the face again. Checked watch at 7k from home and realised that if I kept up the pace with a bit of a push at the end I might get close to 3hrs! Tough run in, last few k worked very hard and with the help of the crowd and my crew cheering me on near the finish, got across the line in 2'59"47! Shocked and very pleased but thigh sore, the rest of me felt surprisingly good! Bag collection was a bit of a shambles but all volunteering so can't complain. Bag eventually collected and off to the Teenage Cancer Trust marque. Brilliant position, all the family and friends met there, ate loads, drunk loads of tea and dad sunbathed a lot! Great afternoon, massage gratefully received, good chat with all the Teenage Cancer Trust runners as they came in, in varying states but all with massive smiles of achievement. Their buzz will last them a while it is a fantastic feeling to have completed  a marathon, I am the same but my buzz lasts about 2 hours then I start to think that I have to do that again tomorrow! I had a chat with one runner, David Kemp, about his race and about Teenage Cancer Trust and my experience of visiting all the units I have visited and how great I think they are and how much the families appreciate what they do. He then introduced me to his lovely wife Annie and their daughter Josie. I did not realise at first but Josie is receiving treatment now at the Royal Marston in Sutton! Josie looked great, a very trendy young person, I did not realise. Feeling a bit stupid that I was trying to explain the virtues of Teenage Cancer Trust to someone who knows much more than me, but very pleased to know again that this is what I am doing this all for. Very nice people, could have talked all day and bored them silly but very pleased to have met them, I wish you all the very best for the future, one day at a time. Andy Newing from Gade Valley Harriers found us and a great few minutes had talking all things running and informing me of how well the team performed, well done everyone and well done Simon, number 2 down 3 to go. Now bright sunshine and hot and all Teenage Cancer Trust runners back home and sharing stories, I enjoyed a bit of a sit down in the sun as well. Anyway, I met some of the Gade Valley gang outside, had a great chat and a few photos, well done to all, thanks for your encouragement and will hopefully see you all next week at London if I am still in one piece! Day coming to an end, thanks to all at Teenage Cancer trust, great afternoon, family and Jan packed up and off home, me and dad, with a rosie red face, packed van and off to the Marriott Portsmouth and our bed for the night. Thanks again to Nick and Essential and of course the Marriott for your hospitality. Long drive now pooped eventually got to the hotel and met by Hilary and Grant my friends from Affinity Villas. Great to see them lovely coffee and catch up then dad fell asleep! Thanks for your support again and look forward to seeing you in sunnier climbs for a nice glass of something local. Up to the room food ordered, washing done, route planned, Icing complete and hot bath had. Thanks for all your messages and great support. Thanks to Nik at My Kings News for being today's shirt sponsor, keep up the cycling and good luck with your challenge. Now going to bed, dad been asleep for a while then woke got out of bed and writhed in agony whaling and whimpering! Cramp, Jemima if you take after Grandad you will make a great actress! What a day, tomorrow will be tough! Goodnight. 23 down 7 to go!

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