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Saturday 14th April MARATHON 92

15-April-2012 22:07
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14th April - Day 92. Got to the Premier Inn Hastings at 6:15, I was not feeling too good still, I felt hot and sweaty but my middle felt cold, also my hands and feet were white and chilled, however I was also starving! We checked in and booked a table for 7:30. Up to the room, hot bath run and I soaked in it for a good 20 minutes and felt much better. I would go so far as to say it was "the best bath I have ever had"! Down to eat at 7:30, strange arrangement? You queue at the bar to order while lots of very friendly waitresses come over and explain what to do and what they have, why do they not take the order? Anyway, main course chicken and bacon salad to start followed by Lamb Shank, mash and veg. All very good, Banoffee Waffle for pudding and filled up nicely. Still felt a bit off colour though! Back to the room, dad did the washing and went to bed, I sat up for a while watched a bit of British TV, not much better than French then asleep by 11:30'ish. Great nights sleep, did not wake with pain, exactly what was needed! I decided not to do a run this morning so did not get out of be until gone 7am! Down to breakfast with my own porridge. All good and fuelled up by 8:15. Rob Lee was due to be with us by 10am delivering the shirts with the bespoke numbering and shirt  sponsor printed on for day 92, 93, and 94. We are still looking for some shirt sponsors for a few of the days next week and I believe the London Marathon, the 100th day! If anyone knows anyone that would be interested please let me know! Anyway, Rob turned up early at just gone 9am, with his two lovely daughters  Jaymee and Imagin. Got carried away chatting and ended up rushing to get going on time. Thigh getting tighter by the day, I need it released and get back to running freely as soon as possible! We got to the start west of Rye. Quick video and I set off to Eastbourne. Very tired and stiff from the start, tough day ahead! Not sure what the weather was going to do but after yesterday I put a rain jacket on just in case. Following the A259 all the way was the plan, I ran through Hastings, very bad accident helicopter in attendance, I hope the motorcyclist is ok, dad got diverted! I carried on and fortunately dad re-appeared as we approached the seafront. Really struggling to get any pace or rhythm going and labouring with my right thigh, not enjoyable! Long running report short, I worked very hard mentally to not stop and physically to just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Nice to see all the families having a good day, the weather held out and once again I sweated for England! Every time I thought about taking my jacket off it went cloudy, dad would go ahead again and the sun would come out! I eventually entered Eastbourne to clear skies and warm sunshine, jacket came off and I felt better instantly. Dad parked up towards the west end of the seafront and I ran to the end, up a bit too much of a steep hill for my thigh at that point in the run and finished back with dad. Marathon 92 complete in a grinding time of 4'02"08. After a few seconds I felt the great feeling of satisfaction at completing another marathon, ate my orange and chatted to some very nice people that had stopped to wish me well. Back in the van and off to find Fish and Chips! I ran past so many and they smelt fantastic! We parked with our fish and chips covered in vinegar on our laps and listened to the Grand National, spot on. My family went to the bookies in Kings Langley and put on the one bet a year. They all won a few quid, which was nice. Back to the Premier in St Leonard's and a lovely bath. Bath done, dad and I sat on our beds, had a chat about everything and especially how it has changed since getting back to England. Dad is finding it hard to be home but not home, I am finding it hard to get back into the rhythm and routine of running everyday, whether through injury or state of mind and we are both not working together as much as we were before! Anyway we settled on watching The Voice! Not really seen it before, it took a while to get to grips with why! But I did think the last one Jazz was fantastic. Ordinary People is my favourite song. Down to eat! Not as hungry as normal but I still gave it a go, chicken Salad, beef pie and mash and sticky toffee pudding and custard to finish. Good chat with dad again, a few old story's thrown in, a pleasant evening had. Back to the room, ice thigh and right achilles, watched a bit of football and asleep by 11:30. Another tough but good day, tomorrow I am being joined by Lawrence Shafier, (Mr Fit) a partner at Haslers our accountants and a major sponsor of the challenge. It is a shame the authorities at the Brighton Marathon would not allow my late entry, I was looking forward to running with lots of other people, I will just have to wait for my first ever marathon race next Sunday! A special thank you to Peter Kerr and Ultimate Promotions for all their hard work printing all our kit but especially the last 10 shirts with the individual sponsors, all last minute so far! They are also today's shirt sponsor. I will finish with a plea for more sponsorship and donations, please tell as many people as possible and if you and them think what I am doing deserves a small donation to help Teenage Cancer Trust and The Hospice of St Francis, please do! Thank you all in anticipation of your positive actions. Well another day done 7 more then London!

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