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Wednesday 15th February

15-February-2012 21:47
in General
by Admin

Day 33
Had a good evening with dad, Andy and also David, the Head Master from Porto, and his children Patrick and Lauryn. Meal in our cafe and bowling in the hotel. Made a nice change. Another leg massage, more tablets and bed, after a few chapters of my book, easy read and quite good. Up at 7:00 after a restless night. Breakfast at 8:00, Alpen, banana, 2 mini croissant and a mini danish. Back to the room, warm up and kitted up. Out to the pitch, dad on camera, started warm up run. 5k run with Andy in 30"54 Good stretch, in the van and off to the finish point, Navais, of my last run, 5k after the start of my last run! Shin still sore but not red and only a bit swollen. Aim today was to do a minimum of 10k plus the 5k warm up.  Weather was again great, sun on my back, good to be running again. Shin sore but not too bad ran through Estela on the N13 up to Fao, past Ofir, our home for the past 8 days! Over the bridge and through Esposende. Started to feel shin more at this point but still not too bad. Wind strong and head on making things a bit tougher. Sat nav now sorted dad was back to driving ahead in confidence and sunbathing whenever possible, with the occasional coffee and baguette with Andy! Now well past 10k shin getting tighter and pace getting slower. Set my sights on half marathon 21k, at 16k had to have a quick stop and stretch and ice then completed 21k in 2'15"39 Stopped just before the turning to Castelo do Neiva, did not feel too bad. Completed cool down with Andy then iced, in the van and back to Ofir, stopping at a village cafe, 2 coffee's, hot chocolate, 2 pastry's and 2 magnums for 7 euro's! Anyway I know I am not totally back but I am getting there, 26k today and all being well more tomorrow and a much needed move to a new town! However Axis Hotel Ofir has been great, thank you. They gave us a discount on the room, the maids did our washing/drying great place to rehab, not much to do but I think coach trips have this as a base and day trip round north Portugal. Had our last evening meal in our little cafe, dad again somehow had a conversation with the owner who decided to speak to dad in German as he spoke no English! All good. Now back in the room with a cup of tea, Andy just finished last treatment on my legs and his book, First Frost, so dad has another one to read, before he leaves for England in the morning. Foot now completely clear but now very soft new skin that will need looking after, shin swelling reducing by the day. However the rest of me feels like I have just run for the first time in my life, I am aching everywhere! As I said not there yet but will be very soon. Goodnight.

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