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Sunday 15th Jan MARATHON 2

15-January-2012 18:26
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Day 2 continued


Just finished marathon 2! Started at mid day, far too late, from a very windy and cold peninsula, great views. Just me Karen and my mum and dad in the van. Did not get a lot of time to preview the route, hope we all know where we are going! Took a few picks and then set off back towards Sagres. Started and within 10 minutes the sun came out and I thought I had chosen the wrong clothes. Ran to Sagres in bright hot sun, the weather started to change when I hit the halfway point, legs felt like wood but gradually got going. My dad went the wrong way at the first roundabout we came to and I went the correct way! and I went off direction for 6k! Obviously not enough preparation, all worked out ok though.

After half way I felt rough, I had 3 shot bloks and 4 kitkat's. Started to feel better for ten minutes when my Scottish friends, Charlie, Stephen and Scot and Sam Robinson, my old PE teachers son, drove past to give their support on the way to the Airport, then felt sick and the kitkats made a reappearance! Won't do that again!!

Basically very poor preparation with not enough sleep, not the right food intake, not at the correct time and not enough route preparation, we need to get this right! Anyway felt very bad from 2Ok to 30k but picked up and did the last 10k quite quick, the rain started and I felt good and completed the run in 3hrs 48 minutes and 9 seconds.


Again a bit too quick but I did not push until the end! Legs or actually thighs very sore and stiff! Worried for tomorrow! Great to get number 2 done, different but very good to finish with just my family, shame my girls could not get out of bed to see it! Still very emotional! Anyone reading this please spread the word. I need my challenge and the pain I am experiencing, which I believe I have just scratched the surface of, to raise lots of money for The Hospice of St Francis who made the last weeks of phil's life the best it could possibly be for him, his family and Friends and also the Teenage Cancer Trust who work so hard to make the treatment of cancer in young people as positive as it can be.

Now going to bed after some good food. No dip in the sea today, ice bath later!

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