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Tuesday 13th March MARATHON 54

14-March-2012 8:36
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13th March - Day 60. Out to find food in the centre of Gernik Lumo. Very strange place, loads of Pubs and no restaurants! They all had the name "Pub" not Bar outside and the area was full of drunks, not all young either. The centre had all been pedestrianised and had a bad atmosphere, it did not feel Spanish at all! We found one older spanish looking place among the Chinese take aways and ventured in. Tried to order a big piece of Tortia that we spotted on the counter, it had ham, cheese mushroom and looked great. We sat down, ordered water and some bread and butter, he looked at us funny, disappeared and returned with the drinks and bread. Two minutes later the biggest baguettes turned up with the Tortia in them. We had a dinner of bread and potato! Carbs I suppose, anyway very nice people, a family affair I would say, quick meal and we left. Outside was like a Friday night scene on Booze Britain! People staggering about all down the big pedestrian walk way. It did not look good but I did not feel threatened, most were older than me in fact some were older than dad! We quickly returned to the van, which I had my doubts would still be there, and returned to the Hotel. Not a nice Hotel and very unfriendly people! Right hip and right calf kept me awake a bit but I did not feel sick so not too bad! Up at 6:30 with the alarm and found it hard to find the enthusiasm to get up! Legs still very jaded and right hip still ached. Kit on and out by 7:10. Quite a nice run along the high st, very foggy but this part of the town had more history and was more interesting. A lot of the places boarded up on the return road by the station, probably 4 in 10! Anyway, fog and the odd right and left too many and I was heading out of town north and our not nice accommodation. Not a bad run, left achilles still the problem, good job no hills today! 7.1k in 43 minutes. Through the reception, receptionist smoking, and up to the room, quick shower and down for breakfast. Dad was all ready when I got back from my run, a bit quiet I thought but he did not say anything was wrong! I think he is missing home a bit more than he thought, he has not been away from my mum for more than a few days in the last 60 years! I think my mum is not missing him as much, she seems to be out all the time! Anyway terrible service at breakfast but I did get some porridge cooked. Both very low today, I ache all over and do not fancy another day in the mountains, dad quiet and a bit off colour, only thing for it was a wrong word and a good 20 minute petty bicker! Still at odds with each other we set off after quick video and a route refresher. Today just 2 Roads, the B1-2238 to Lekeitio then the B1-3438 to our destination Mutriku. Straight away the hills started, not too bad at first then they went on forever! I took my time, worked hard but kept it very steady. The mountain scenery was fantastic and very little traffic. Dad took some, hopefully, good film, he positioned the van very well to get panoramic views of the mountains behind me. I reached Lekeitio just after the half way point and by my map reading skills, the worst of the hills over, the road although very twisting and turning was coastal from now on, so not too hilly! I followed dad around alot of new roads and along a very straight and flat section. Very pleased, my right calf and left achilles were telling me they had done enough. The hills started again! Head down I started to climb and climb! 5k later I reached the top, my map reading skills not as good as I thought! Down the other side and through a valley, a bit hilly but ok and to the finish in Markina! 10 miles off course and not the road we planned! Another marathon completed in 4'14"00, so no crossed words and Markina was a lovely town with a square and lots of cafe's. By the way it was also the hottest day so far! After my orange and quick ice session, dad and I sat in a cafe in the baking sun and had coffee and cakes! We sat for at least 40 minutes discussing where we went wrong, drinking our coffee and soaking up the rays! Eventually we got back in the van, I drove and we followed the sat nav to our planned destination and found the coastal road, not hilly! All good though we are now in a place called Deba, in a little hotel on the beach, very cheap with a priceless view directly over the bay! Dad went to the local shop to get fruit and batteries for his CD player. He put them in then moaned about the Spanish and how they ripped him off with dead batteries then found the CD player was empty! That helped end a very tough but very good day with a laugh. Now food, the hotel has a restaurant so no need to venture out, spot on!

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