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Day 21 - Marathon 21 - 12th April 2013

13-April-2013 8:58
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Day 21 12th April Wembley Stadium to Royal Marston Sutton


I was right, today was tough!

Up early, good nights sleep, on the laptop to do my watch downloads and everything I did not do last night. Eventually done, breakfast in my kitchen again felt wrong some how but good breakfast of porridge banana, 3 toast and a pastry consumed my 8am. Packed everything back up trying to remember everything but lost garmin dongle! Cannot record running without so panic started. Over an hour later dongle found now very late and a touch stressed. Quick shower, kit up, goodbyes complete with not too awake or interested children! Thanks for your calm Karen. Dogs still confused, loaded van and we left for Wembley at gone 9:30 to get there by 9:45! We had Adam Coote helping dad today with the driving and navigation which was nice. Got to Wembley out of rhythm, parked, walked a mile, met Jan and the boys and also a lovely lad called Tom from Wembley PR. Eventually calmed down, great pictures taken that will be on Wembley Stadium web site now and also on London Marathon Day, which is good, thank you. Route eventually plugged in but not looking good, rain stopped but still cloudy, quick video complete and I set off just before 11:15! Very long one short, worst run so far, rained as I started then poured down for 40 minutes, ran through back streets of Wembley, Southall, Hounslow etc. Not the greatest. Legs gave up after 6k and marathon 21 complete on my own with my chin on the floor and everything hurting more than at any other time, just outside the Royal Marston Hospital Sutton in 3'26"49. Still not a bad time but a very tough run on the mind and body!! Quick meeting outside with two lovely Teenage Cancer Trust ladies Nichola and Jade quick end video and photos taken. I was freezing and hurting so did not get to chat properly, sorry but I will see you both in Brighton. We did however get a few donations from passers bye, which was good. Adam dropped at the station for his long train journey home, thanks Adam, it was tough with your help it would have been impossible without. On to Ashdown Park our bed for the night. What a place!! Thanks again Nick and Essential Hotels and of course Ashdown Park Hotel. Great reception by the staff, they looked after us very well, supplied me with two massive bags of ice so I had no excuses to not have an ice bath! Bath was so painful, my lower shins and feet felt like they were being cut off and I only lasted 7 minutes followed by a 2 minute stint! The most painful bath yet! I think it was my defeated mind that could not get control? I then had a chicken sandwich and fell asleep for nearly 2 hours in a chair! Anyway great meal in the room, jackets and trousers required for the restaurant and as I have no jacket and my trousers are now too big, I have lost a bit of weight over the last week! We had room service. All good, very tired and to bed. Thanks to Paul Smith and Stone Force for being today's shirt sponsor and your very generous donation, also thanks to your family for their continuing support. 21 down 9 to go, South Downs as a warm up marathon tomorrow for the Brighton marathon on Sunday! Goodnight

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